In the heat of the battle, we need to

keep respect.


Date: 02-10-02

From: Sathya Sai Baba Expose Forum


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Re: Persecuted Religous Minority Sorry, I'm not available hariomdas
2/9/02 4:51 pm
Andrieskd is absolutely correct.

We need to be very careful to honor the best principles of civil rights. In the heat of battle, as it were, we need to keep returning to the heart of feeling, of sensitivity, of respect for others no matter what side they may be on.

At the same time, sai baba and his foremost leaders must be held accountable by civil authorities for a series of crimes, not least the abuse of their charitable non-profit status.

The evidence for these terrible abuses are almost daily being compiled by many former devotees who have left the organization for reasons which go well beyond the serial pedophilia which is so often cited. There is far more to it.

We ourselves, when we were sai devotees, were not crooks. Neither are the present devotees. There was an intense focus, not only on being and doing good but also on being and doing much better.

Look carefully and you will see that the overwhelming focus of the Expose has been to make accountable spiritually, morally and ethically, and legally sai baba and his accomplices for a series of very serious crimes.

None of this necessarily questions that he has great powers (even far beyond what are normally regarded as siddhis), nor that certain of his actions or inspiriations are not good. Nor does it suggest that all, or even most, leaders in the sai organization at large, are not also bent on doing loving actions in the name of the highest principles.

It does, however, go to say that:

* There is massive cover-up by sai baba and certain of his accomplices;

* That many more of his devotees, both in the leadership and rank-and-file are in deep psychological denial. That is, they will not - because they emotionally cannot - go beyond their clinging attachment to inspirational experiences, leelas, miracles (whether real or faked or a mixture of both. They cannot see through to the seriousness and sincerity of former devotees, persons who have for so long been held, in sai circles down the years, in high regard. Many believe the sai organization leaders, such as Gutter, Meyer, Bhagani, Ramanathan, Picullel and others who have made it appear as though the dissent comes essentially from Conny Larson and David Bailey. By pronouncing this great untruth, they forfeit the right to claim any kinship with the very name (and supposedly nature) of their teacher: Sathya, or Truth). These shameless men must be repeatedly exposed for their dishonest statements.

* Devotees are constantly screened from news that would, necessarily, show the sheer breadth and depth of dissent by increasing number of former devotees, including those who had major roles in the sai organization. For this reason, the organization will properly be seen by the public at large as having the authoritarianism so often witnessed in cults.

While looking carefully at the civil and religious rights issues, let us keep clear focus and ensure that these culpable men face in the widest international public view their civic, moral, ethical and spiritual responsibilities.

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