The ashram in Puttaparti, how is her actual state these days ?


Date: 05-22-22

By: Ex Baba admin

A remarkable movie showed up lately, when strolling around the internet, made by Divya W. in already October 2019, but which is still very interesting because it shows the by and by detoriation of a dream; Divya instructs clearly how it was, and what has become of it...

Please visit and honour her efforts to find out and see what she has done and in our opinion, she was very brave to get there !

Update 05-22-22:

Interesting to see is, that more and more buildings in the ashram are being used - rented (?), sold (?), donated (?) - by the goverment in India, apparently for administration purposes, is the Sai Trust having financial problems ?

Use of Sri Sathya Sai Trust Buildings for New District Opposed, and Other Teething Problems