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Posted on 10th January, 2004

Sai Ram,


Tomorrow is Sports Day. It is my first and I am looking forward to it. The morning events start at 7:00 and the afternoon at about 2 or 3.
Baba came out at about seven this morning and drove through the women's and men's section twice before exiting to tour the North buildings area and go to the athletic field. At darshan, the car moved slowly with Baba taking many letters and even answering a question from someone.
At about 9:00, he came to the mandir escorted, as he was yesterday, by a motorcycle parade of about ten bikes. The lead bike had a banner that said "Welcome Sai" the second bike had a plain red flag. Behind them was the red car with Baba giving good darshan to those lucky enough to be in the area. Following was the ambulance.
Yesterday, Baba gave darshan from the verandah, even sitting in the chair for a while. He knows how to make us happy.
The energy remains special here and intense. Rumors are flying about when Baba is going to Whitefield. It is pretty certain that Shivarathri will be in Puttaparthi.


Robert Priddy comments: So devotees were robbed of the spectacle of what one visitor describes on the Sai Unity website as "the see-saw waddling gait" of Sai and the fact that he needs support to stand and walk a few steps. Interesting that Chris Parnell acted immediately to close the Sai Unity website after this report was discovered and reported by exposť writer, Brian Steel. Interesting to observe how the Sai movement is closing ranks tighter and tighter in the face of reality so as to stop any facts that might expose SSB and the truth about him leaking out.

He still can't walk after 6 months, but here is some of what was said about his wonderful 'cure', all effected by the prayers of devotees, according to him:-

One report from Sai students on the web some while after the injury in July, 2003, stated "Swami then told Mr. Sundareshan, the orthopedic Surgeon who had performed the operation to Bhagawan to speak to us on the incident. Mr. sundereshan said ? Swami had broken his hip and stayed like that for 18 hrs ,which is not possible for any human being to resist ? Swami had started walking after 5 days of the operation which is also impossible for any human being"
But on July 5, SSB contradicted the surgeon and said in a discourse at Brindavan "After the surgery, I was able to walk within three days. This is because there is not even a trace of body attachment in Me." (Sanathana Sarathi July, 2003, p. 218)

Sathya Sai boasted further about his supposedly amazing 'recovery' now and again:-


"For anybody else, it would have taken at least two to three years to walk normally. The ball in the hip joint got separated." p.230
"The doctors said that one year's rest was required for the hip injury to heal completely. I told them it would, not take one year." p.259
"Now I have recovered and am standing before you. What is the medicine I have taken. The intense prayers of devotees is my medicine" Sanathana Sarathi August 2003, p. 225
But on an authoritative medical website,

we can read:-

The first day after surgery will have a lot of activity. You will meet our physiotherapists, who will instruct you in more exercises to perform while in bed. In addition, they will help you stand and take a few steps with a walker.

You will be taught the positions to avoid with a hip replacement, as well as the safe positions. In the next few days, you will find it easier and easier to move about. Generally, patients are able to walk as much as they want by 6 weeks post-operatively.

How long will it take devotees to realise that the wool has been drawn across their eyes?