Lies about Robert Priddy (of course)

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Date: 02-17-02



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Lies about Robert Priddy Sorry, I'm not available terrie109
2/16/02 9:19 pm
It was posted on a Yahoo Board recently that Robert Priddy, author of the shocking new Sai Org expose, said he had never met Sai Baba. Below is Robert's reply.

One more boldfaced lie by those attempting to slander the truth seekers hits the dust. Robert's reply was sent to Sunrise today.

"Blatant liars who say I have said I have not spoken to Sai Baba can buy my book from 1994 where I detail the first four interviews I had (ca. 8 hours) and report from the several hundreds of darshans I had attended where Baba sometimes spoke to me. There are photos of a green stone ring he gave me and him speaking to me etc.

"The book SOURCE OF THE DREAM is also published in the USA by Samuel Weiser, York Beach and in India since then."

(signed) Robert Priddy

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