Newly discovered lingam fraud by Sai Baba



By: Ex Baba admin


Another instance of fraud, performed by Sai Baba, here we have for you:

1. The actual moment of fraud

2. The complete version including reurgitating lingam

The lingam is already in his left hand, under the handkerchief, then he brings it to his mouth, and now we can clearly watch him opening  his mouth to swallow the lingam. He distracts this action by wiping his nose with the other part of the handkerchief, and by gesticulating to the audience, before and after the act.

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The fraud was discovered by a visitor from


Date: 2018-07-18 12:52:376
Name: Anonymous

Dear Sirs,

Kindly check the below video clip at 0.25 speed or if possible slower.

from 4.42 - 4.46 his RIGHT HAND and his movements before 4.42 (edit Ex Baba admin on 07-20-18: we could't find, but Robert Priddy did, as he was pointed out to it by the writer of this comment in the Ex Baba guestbook!)

from 8.48 - 8.53 his LEFT HAND and movements (edit Ex Baba admin: from 6:48 - 6:54)

Harder evidence you cannot find.

If you check all the vihuti videos, you see him holding piles of letters in order to hide materials or vibhuti. His 4+5th fingers are always bent, then if the materials are handed over to devotees, he holds the letter with all five hands.

Even in the famous pot vibhuti show, once he pulls down the pot which was held too high by the old man. (We still cannot prove this one but in other clips, you see clearly him taken objects in left hand over to the right hand)

Ex Baba admin:

Terrific ! Thanks !! Another new fraud video from a visitor to our site ! We will make a posting out of it !

Comment from Robert Priddy:

These are good video quality and from a new angle. The short clip definitely seems to show him putting (something) into his mouth … but the object if any cannot be seen.

In fact, that would not be the full stage magic trick, because Houdini and his many copyists actually swallowed the egg-shaped objects and then regurgitated them. Houdini learnt his from some Japanese person… started off swallowing a potato on a secure string and so learning to bring it up without the string when confidence was established, I am almost certain Baba did it that way in the earlier days.

I have written this:

The trick was used in stage magic by Houdini: ”During my engagement in 1895 with Welsh Bros. Circus I became quite well acquainted with a [Japanese] of the San Kitchy Akimoto troupe and from him I learned the method of swallowing quite large objects and bringing them up at will. For practice very small potatoes are used at first, to guard against accident; and after one has mastered the art of bringing these up, the size is increased gradually till objects as large as the throat will receive can be swallowed and returned." (Houdini, Miracle Mongers and their Methods, Coles 1980, (reprint), pp. 160-161).