More of the same


Date: 07-18-02

By: Brian Steel (comments in red)




More from the real Sathya Sai Baba! The latest!

(Discourse, 26 May 2002. Snippets of the literal translation of what HE SAID, before the Editors got to work on it. See:


"You think that service to people should be done. You think that you want to serve people. These are only stunts. Where is service to people being done? Where are you doing service to society? Each person is only serving himself or herself. All of this is only increasing bhrama, and you are becoming distant from Brahma. You will become the embodiment of God to the extent that you reduce delusion.

"Therefore, first and foremost, Buddha saw all teachers. He heard all the teachings of the teachers. He read all the books of the teachers. Finally, he took the books and threw them away. He said that all was temporary and joyless."

… …

[Nevertheless, a propaganda statement on service to humanity is expected from the Sathya Sai Organisation on or about Guru Purnima Day, 2002.]

They Go To Foreign Countries

" … It is a big foolishness to develop attachment for foreign countries.

The parents also have this craziness. The parents are ruining the children in this way. "They should be sent abroad, sent abroad." Why? Can’t you beg here what you beg for there? (Applause) Though going to foreign countries, people are only begging."

"Since so long, even since 1972, they have tried a lot with Me: "Swami, You have to come to my country, You have to come to my country, You have to come to my country!" What is your country? No country is your country. Even this body is not yours. Then, what country is your country? I don’t like to go anywhere. What for? …"