The criminal nexus between Sai Baba

and Prime Ministers


Date: 03-20-02

By: harisampath


Date: Tue Mar 19, 2002  4:38 p.m.

Subject: Narasimha Rao-Bribery-Sai Baba

Here is a brief account of the criminal nexus between Sai Baba, Narasimha Rao former PM of India, other politicians, and bribery scams.

In 1993 Narasimha Rao's Govt was facing a no-confidence-motion in Parliament, and was almost certain to be thrown out. Rao visited Sai Baba several times, and "miraculously" several Members of Parliament appeared out of nowhere to bail Rao's Govt out ( by Sai Baba's "grace"). A political party called JMM cross voted, and Rao was saved.

Sai Baba hailed Rao as a good man, and said all people should support him. Later the Central investigations and anti corruption board found out that several members of JMM party were in fact bribed 5 million rupees each by Rao, and after strong evidence was found, Rao was charged with criminal conspiracy and bribery, and later convicted and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.

Shailendra Mahto, the man from JMM party who accepted all bribes from Rao, turned approver and State's witness, enabling Rao to be convicted. Shailendra Mahto is an "ardent follower" of Sathya Sai Baba. Please read this interview after he turned approver/state witness.

This enabled Sai Baba to "install" Vajpayee as the Prime minister with the support of Naidu , the Andhra CM. In return, now, Vajpayee has "facilitated" the discharge of Narasimha Rao a few days back..... and guess why..... the approver Shailendra Mahto conveniently made some "contradictions" in his statement !!!

And just 2 days after being discharged, Narasimha Rao rushes to Puttaparthi to "thank" Sai Baba for his "grace" !!!

Is anything else necessary to see how the criminal nexus between Sai Baba, and Prime ministers work ?