Still no pedophilia-convictions

against Sai Baba


Date: 04-30-02

By: Andries

Document date: 04-29-02


Original document from a posting in a Yahoo Usenet Group dated 26 April 2002.

The Danish human rights organisation Snow White Foundation reported Danish minister of Church, Tove Fergo, to Copenhagen Police yesterday.

The minister is critized for her continual approval of the Danish Catholic Church, which is inconsistent with the Danish Constitution. § 67 in the Constitution states that a religious community may not teach or do anything in conflict with morality.

Earlier this year the minister used this article in an attempt to withdraw the official Danish approval of the Indian Sai Baba-movement because of pedohilia-rumours tied to the Indian guru. The minister asked the Danish intelligence service PET and the Danish Embassy in New Delhi to find out if there were any pedophilia-convictions against Sai Baba in India. There wasn't.

But there are against numerous Catholic priests.

Snow White Foundation demands that the minister uses same standards and methods against the Roman Catholic Church. The U.S. kardinal's meeting this week showed, that priests, bishops, and kardinals responsible for crimes against children are still recognized and employed by the Church.

Author, Chairman of the board
Søren Mosegaard