The ignorance of a self-claimed

omniscient God - Sai Baba


Date: 05-30-02

By: Robert Priddy



Introduction from Robert Priddy to:

'Omniscience and Truth' from Brian Steel (Revised and Enlarged Version)

Anyone who believes that Sai Baba is omniscient ought to examine the evidence proving that he certainly is not. Thanks to the extremely accurate and painstaking work of yet another of SB's previous admiring writers, Brian Steel.


We are given the best overview so far of the huge discrepancies between SB's omniscient claim and his actual (lack of) knowledge. This insightful analysis also sums up the current situation of research into what it is increasingly correct to call the 'myth' of Sai Baba's youth and mission. The evidence is startling and so succinctly presented that it will be most interesting to see if any remaining defenders of the birthday and school myths of Sai Baba - or his fanciful jumble of pseudo-revelations about Jesus and other historical facts and figure - dare even to enter the discussion!

Brian Steel sums up the situation concisely as follows:

"Some unconditionally faithful, totally committed, devotees will no doubt continue to accept this view in the face of any new evidence that is presented. Many others may no longer be able to justify such blind trust in the face of the accumulating evidence - in this book and in many other documents.
But the key question remains: with such evidence of doubtful and incorrect information being disseminated by SB in his Discourses, what is one to make of other 'omniscient' pronouncements and claims made by the same guru?"