Question from Daniel from Berlin



Date: 12-13-01

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Daniel - Berlin, Germany

Q. There is currently lots of rumors about Sri Sathya Sai Baba of India in the media. This is due to the accusations of sexual abuse of children and young men against him. I want to know whether those accusations are true. Has he molested young men and/or children? Further, he does claim that he is an avatar, an incarnation of God and thus has millions of devotees worldwide. Is he for real? Or is he just a fraud who wants to be God cheating millions of people? Please, please clarify!
A. Any individual who claims to be "God" or such liken entity is, in fact, dealing with their imbalanced egotistical self or being. These such persona would use, indeed, such excuses to appease their own personal needs, and would manipulate their followers. Indeed, a true "master" does not require followers but would aid in the development of leaders. Do trust your feelings on this issue.