Some reactions in Denmark


Date: 05-02-02

From: Sathya Sai Baba Expose Forum


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Some reactions in Denmark Sorry, I'm not available kali_fi
2/5/02 12:05 pm
hi all,

Beth _inka, thanks for the reference to the producer.

I surfed the net to see some of the reactions in Danish newspapers. Some bits here that might interest all of you:

30. January, Jyllands-Posten:
The mayor of Frederiksværk, Helge Friis, encurages the people to protest against the establishment of a Sai Baba school in Denmark.
It seems the SB org. bought the castle even though the municipality would have offered a better price (300.000 DKR more). ( the article doesnt say why th SB org got the deal).
The church minister, Tove Fergo, is said to consider withdrawing SB org. official status as an recogniced religious organisation. Finally Torbjörn Meyer is cited saying all is just internet ruomors.

One of the biggest news papers 'Berlingske Tidene'
also told about major Helge Friis opposition ( ), adding that he hasnt the authoroty to forbid the school and thats why he appeals to the population. Further it claimes that SB org has a wealth of about DKR which gives them great political power in india. Torbjörn Meyers statment that all is just undocumented internet roumors is commented by the Major Friis, as he says his blank denial with out any attempt to look in to the matter or come with counter proof just makes it look more convincing the phedofilia accusations are true.

In the same newspaper on January 8th:

( and ) there is an article about SB danish organisation to stop the airing of the TV documentary. The Sai Devotees that are in the documentary felt they were missled to believe that it would be a positive program about SB, while this was never promised (or the intention) of the journalist. The missunderstanding seems to come from the arranger of the trip to india (also a devotee:Lidvin Virkesdal) who gave the wrong information to the devootes joining the trip where Danish TV journalist was also parttaking. Danish televison was because of this willing to cut out 17 of the devotees, that had reqested this, of the program, but they were not willing to hold the documentary back. Torbjörn Meyer is here cited again saying that allis just roumors and further the familiar counter accusations TM:"We know the people from whom these accusatons come and they are totaly unreliable as witness, as they themselves have these unfortunate tendencies that they project on Sai baba."

just a few bits.. not a compleate search of the danish media.


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