Review on Expenditure on

eligible projects or schemes




Date: 01-18-03

By: Editors

On the internet we found a document which shows that many donations on certain projects in India are not properly used, or not used at all, for the purposes which they originally were meant for:

Here we found some information about the:

Sri Sathya Sai Medical Trust Prashanti Nilayam,

which shows that an Establishment of urology and nephrology unit (Rs.500 lakh) and neurology unit Rs.750 lakh in Super speciality Hospital Prashanti Nilayam not succeeded due to insufficient donation for the unit.

So, what has happened to the donated sums which were sufficient to receive for the unit, but insufficient to spend?

(At Maharashtra, donations of Rs. 1.87 lakh for an upgradation of:

Sai Baba Salvation rural hospital-A division of KEM hospital

were received, but the project work not commenced...)