Sai Baba demonstrates Ring Fail Fraud


Date: 08-18-10

By: exbaba admin

Baba demonstrates Ring Fail Fraud

The preparation for this trick fails, Baba is trying to get the ring passing over from the left to the right hand, which is clearly to be seen when he grabs under the letters, but then he loses control and the letters fall, watch his confusion when he is trying to look for the ring of which he expects that it is lying under the letters, but apparently he realises that he failed and that the ring still remains in his left hand. Then there is some more bad luck for Baba; one of his helpers takes away the letters from Baba which he needs so badly to cover up the trick, so the wheelchaired god instantly demands for new letters and that is what happens at last, only with a few letters as cover up shield, he is able to bring the ring invisibly from the left to the right hand, and then moments later, he perfoms the trick.

It is a real cheat, you can see more when you notice, before he receives the last letter he waves with his hand that it is enough, and then he gestures (commands) his helper behind to stay away from him, (because he wants to take proper preparations for his trick), and after that he finally performs the trick by bringing the ring from his left hand to the thumb of the right hand, that is hidden behind these last letters, when he finally hands over the ring to the woman we can cleary see at Baba's right hand that the ring is being pushed from the thumb to the other fingers.