Latest exposures of Sathya Sai Baba summarised

Date: July 01th, 2007

By: Exbaba Admin

Sai's 'billion' devotees
Two Puttaparthi devotees have made blogs in which they claim that Sathya Sai Baba has 'a billion' devotees! This is typical of the rampant irrationality which rules many followers, especially since the facts of Sai Baba's many deceptions have become so widely known on the Internet.

Sai Baba Lies
Sathya Sai Baba attacked his critics in 2000 on Xmas day as taking money to make allegations against him. This is a direct falsehood and he knows it! He provided no shred of evidence, of course, as he fails to do in accusing his current critics - he says absurdly that we are 'jealous' of him, when in truth we are disgusted by him and his total break of faith with his promises.

Sai Gourmet
Sathya Sai Baba has denied that he eats food! Many devotees actually believe it! In hi usual style, he has also told that he eats, and spoken of various favourite foods at times, even in some discourses. But myths of self-sacrifice are cherished by uncritical persons despite the evidence of their eyes!

Sai Baba Child Abuse
Sai Baba expresses intense rage,as witnessed by his devotee Smt. Vijayamma Kumari, whose baby boy of only three years of age she tells that he beat relentlessly, long and hard, many times. A Swedish psychologist regards this as a consequewnce of Sai Baba's intense narcissism.

Sai on World Catastrophe?
Sai Baba has been reported numerous times as making predictions of a world catastrophe, especially in the privacy of interviews and the classroom from which he must know it would leak out. A ploy to bind people in fear to Sai Baba and his ashram, which was rumoured would be unaffected. Early on Sai Baba prophesied that he would have to lift a mountain range!

Sai Put-Downs
Sai Baba met Krishnamurthi and chastised him. How this took place was told me (and many others) by V.K. Narashiman, the famous journalist who exposed Indira Gandhi's Emergency crackdown to the world. Swami Prabhupada (Hare Krishna ISKCON movement) challenged him and never recognised Sai Baba as an avatar, as neither will the world either.

Sai Baba Libel
Sai Baba adopts attitudes of masterly superiority towards everyone at some stage in their relationship - and belittles all around him, including most visitors to interviews, with jibes and put-downs. He puts down other swamis and alleging masters - if not in public, in interviews (which have been reported by many devotees, mostly ‘on the grapevine').

Sai Baba Visions
Visions and visitations are not at all uncommon - whether or not they are pathological symptoms. People who have concentrated intensely on their guru's figure for decades have auditory and visible 'illusions' and other subjective experiences. Swami Abhedananda's vision of Sai Baba was reported many times by the official biographer, N. Kasturi. Almost anything envisaged can seem to become real and the history of appearances, visions and such phenomena from early humans onwards is both vast and intriguing.

Sai Guru King - Sathya Sai Baba - guru of Indian Masters, King of all Deities?
Sathya Sai Baba has told various of his servitors of meetings he claimed he had with famous Indian spiritual figures: Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo, Jiddu Krishnamurthi and more. He has boasted that he instructed them all on the correct way to behave! After all, he says he is the deity of all deities. Who can believe it? Will the world bow down, laugh or just shrug?

Sai's 10 avatars
Sathya Sai Baba selected Prof. N. Kasturi as his official biographer - a highly impressionable spiritual seeker and college history teacher, who also had a radio chat-show and some reputation as a comic doggerel poet. Kasturi wrote 4 very florid biographical volumes. The authenticity of the account he naively retells there must be seriously questioned. He relied partly on very poor villagers's stories.

India's World Reputation
Because of the concerted attempt by Sai Baba's officials, organization and devotees generally to suppress many facts about Sai Baba so as to present him only or mainly as a social reformer and moral teacher, many Indians who tend to support him are doubtless unware of the sheer extent of the deceit, fraud and irrationality he practises. The stories about Sathya Sai Baba's utterly non-credible 'miracles' flourish still and there are many hundreds of books which contain one or many more. Here is a sample. Many are doubtless unware of the sheer extent of the deceit, fraud and irrationality he practises. India's reputation should not be dragged down further than it may already have been by this man.

Sai Moon Man
Various biographers of Sathya Sai Baba claim that he has caused the moon to disappear from the heavens (temporarily), and has brought part of the moon down to earth as a minature model of it. Sai Baba has never denounced these claims as false, of course! Yet he is visited and revered in public by President Kalam and PM Manmohan Singh and many like them. Incomprehensible. Or could they possibly hope he will outdo Neil Armstrong etc. and bring moon materials for them on the cheap?

Sai Baba ‘Manipulator'
This week the promising new Sunday Indian magazine lists Sathya Sai Baba as a ‘manipulator' - one of the 100 most controversial Indians ever. Sai Baba followers are well-represented among these: PV Narasimha Rao, Ravi Shankar (the 'art of living' moneymaker), RN Goenka (newspaper magnate) etc.

Sai Baba Big Bluff - says beings live in the sun!
Sai Baba proclaimed: "In all the universe there is no other planet that has human life, or a similar life form". Then proclaimed later "Elsewhere in the Universe, life feels it is Divinity". Sai Baba often contradicts himself flatly on many major issues - followers choose which version they want to believe!