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Date: February 26, 2008

By: Exbaba Admin

1. Sai devotees spread false prophesies about Sai Baba and the Pope Walking barefoot together?

2. Catholic priest unfrocked for Sai Baba worship How Don Mario Mazzoleni was excommunicated

3. More prophetic propaganda to bolster Sai Baba - misusing Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus

4. More moon lunacy: Hundreds see Sai Baba appear on the face of the moon But it was Shirdi this time!

5. Sai Baba on reality and the spiritual search How he supposedly reflects as a cosmic mirror, and HENCE how we only can know a reflection of our own selves, but never him as he is. The ultimate Divine Conspiracy to deceive us all!

6. The dangers of global or religious cults
On indicators of cultism of various degrees and ranking cults

7. Why the Sathya Sai Organization is a cult
Point-by-point refutation of Rita Bruce's claims that it is not a cult.

8. On Rita Bruce and her mistaken beliefs How deluded a Sai hagiographer came to be (even after the exposure)

9. Robert Priddy's many former contributions to the Sai journal Sanathana Sarathi For the sake of completeness, the text of many articles and scans of relevant content pages are posted