Sai Baba's 81st Birthday Triple-Exposure

Date: 11-25-06
By: Exbaba Admin
Research in depth into available sources about Sai Baba's early days by Sanjay Dadlani are presented as a "birthday package", one which explodes much of the mythology around the beginning of his bogus career as 'a reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba' and adds to the already overwhelming circumstantial and testimonial evidence of his homosexuality and paedophilia.

There are three items to read:-

The Truth About Sai Baba's Birthplace - New and damning information from Sathya Sai Baba's family members reveal his true birthplace to be Karnatanagapalli, and not Puttaparthi as widely believed.

The Truth About The Sai Baba Rock - Another popular myth about Sai Baba's Shirdi claims bites the dust. Serious doubts cast on official versions of pivotal events in the Baba's life.

The Truth Behind Sai Baba's Homosexuality - Sensational revelations about Sai Baba's hitherto unknown feminine side, revealing transvestite and androgynous features in his personality and life experiences. 

Plus! Plus!

81st Birthday Report (England) Another round of the same old intermittent song - the hilarious birthday celebrations in London 

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