Social customs 'hide child sex abuse'




Date: 01-21-02

By: editors


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Social practices are being used to hide the sexual abuse of children in many parts of the world, according to a new report, which brings us directly to the way Sai Baba is treating devotees; manipulating male sex organs with oil, in order to 'cure them from a sexual harassment', or to 'open their kundalini energy'.

This is suspicious to us all the time, especially when we ask ourselves:

1. Why was this never performed on female devotees?

2. Why is there not a single report from a female abused victim that points into the direction of Baba?

The article however, which doesn't mention Sai Baba's child abuse, is going beyond; in Pakistan, it says, the use of boys as homosexual prostitutes for older men is virtually tolerated, but the boys themselves are unable to seek help from the police because they are seen as outcasts.

Thanks to Raghu Nandan for sending us today's BBC News item.