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13 January:  

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From: allseeingeye

Read The Sorcerer's Apprentice - allseeingeye - 01/13 16:18:58 by Tahir Shah.

He studied various magic tricks used by illusionists and phony gurus in India. Miracles, even when genuine are not proof of enlightenment, and most 'wonderworking' gurus turn out to be fake when carefully investigated.

Do a google search on Satya Sai Baba. A ton of news has come out about his being pedophiliac, faking his miracles, setting up a stranglehold on political patronage in his area.

The man may have some psychic powers but has turned into a vampire. He's now at the mercy of his entourage and they are getting rich. For more info check:

This man wrote a lot of literature publicizing SSB's miracles and finally realized the guy was a liar. He is now making amends by trying to warn others to beware.

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