A disappointing Sports day


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Date: 11/7/00 7:42 p.m.

Dear Christina,

A few years ago a cricket match was organized by Sai Baba and the Org where India was to play the Rest of the World Team. This was touted as the match which sb would heal the rift between Pakistan and India. It was said that many of the world famous names from UK West Indies, South Africa Australia would come and show consolidation and fence mending through sport. The BBC/CNN etc etc would cover this global break through, which was to take place on New Year's Eve '97. As it happened none of the big names showed up, no world press and no TV to speak of. There were riots in the early morning where there were brutish police actions against innocent people, witnessed by my wife and also by myself though from some distance whereas my wife was in the thick of the crowds. The ashram closed its gates on the residents and friends of ours got crushed and beaten and ribs broken, with no one opening the gates to let them back in. Deep compassion in action!! A gold cup as the prize was displayed that I saw close up (as I covered the event) which would have made the most greed stricken dictator of a banana republic look at in envy. The waste, the glitz the revolting opulence of such objects just show once again that 'good deeds' are shallow words against such material waste and aggrandizement. Just like the famous water project that never was. All show PR , paper project and still the people wait for their water supplies.

No this was not the "spineless sports day".

In the best traditions of hype and self publicity, this was a spectacle of non event that wanted us to believe that here was God at work. Not my God or any God with half an ounce of compassion, humility and loving kindness.

Well, folks just more of the same ol' tale.

Hope this helps, Christolina