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The 'Dominant Aura Color' of Ascended Masters

Date: 12-20-01

Document date ??-??-??

From: Society Of Light

The Society Of Light offers a revisionist perspective on "GOD" as two different yet related concepts:

The first concept of God is that of The God Force or the infinite energy of Spirit that always existed and always will exist. The more spiritually advanced the soul, the more energy that is accessible on an individual basis when in the discarnate state and united directly with The God Force or the White Light of God.

This principle (called 'Frequency Quotient') for determining spiritual development is often distorted among those in the flesh because many discarnates of common spirituality often combine their energies in order to manifest telekinesis and grant the illusion that they (and/or their incarnate prophet) are one highly evolved or even God Realized soul, e.g., the Ascended Masters of the Violet Flame, and Sai Baba of India.

The 'Dominant Aura Color' (DAC) of an Ascended Master is Intense White. The DAC of lower and higher echelon Angels (both of basic spirituality) is Yellow and Violet respectively. Lower and Higher Echelon Archangels/Saints have a DAC of Sky Blue and White respectively. The DAC of the lower, spiritually indifferent elements, in ascending order, are: Brown, Red and Orange -- the last being the robe color of the pedophile, subangel prophet, Sai Baba.

Search for your truth and mastery within.

Document date: 09-11-00


As I mentioned in Issue 9, the Pluto-Chiron conjunction in Sagittarius, and
various major aspects to Jupiter, will urge us to re-evaluate the beliefs
and values we hold, and to turn inwards to find our truth at all times,
rather than look to other people for it. Several revelations have
materialized since then (we are still experiencing the power of the
Pluto-Chiron conjunction), including the fall from grace of a world-famous
guru of the New Age, Sai Baba, whose ashrams are reported to be closing down in response to criminal allegations from former devotees. Whether the
allegations are true or not, the seeming demise of a major guru figure
(Pluto in Sagittarius) is a message to all of us to stop projecting and to
search for our truth and mastery within, where our true connection to the
Divine can be found. As a recent message from the Hopi Indians reminds us:
'We are the ones we have been waiting for'.

Judge a 'master' to his fruits, not to his words.

Date: ??-??-98

From: Cults & Anti-Cultism

Whatever the point of view it is clear that many things can go wrong, and that even masters which for long had a good reputation, have been involved in scandals. From Muktananda sleeping with not-yet-adult female adepts, to the sexual promiscuity of the noted Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa which continued even after he contracted AIDS, through the sexploits of Da Free John (with 'gag money' paid to complainants), to the rumors around Sai Baba's pedophilic practices... It is clear that even masters that were recognized by their traditions and which authored influential contemporary spiritual books, were not immune to sexual exploitation.

What is clear is that the mere fact of having mastered mystical experiences is not in itself a guarantee that a person grows morally and mentally to the same degree. There seem to be in every individual numerous lines of development that do not always grow in concert. Clearly spiritual masters with such an uneven development can be a dangerous breed and the same critical sense should be used as with spiritual movements. In this context it is clear that hierarchical movements around a charismatic individual, can be much more dangerous than traditional movements, such as Tibetan Buddhism with a long tradition of vetting and controlling the transmission of spiritual transmission within the community of lama's. Thus, the utmost care should be used to avoid cultic movements and tendencies clustering around the work of individual guru's. The same reflexes used to judge these movements can be used to judge the cultic quality of an individual spiritual master. The spiritual depth of a person can usually be measured as degrees of compassion, or as the development of ones focus of concern, as it moves from egocentric to worldcentric and as it extends to a wider net of beings. Judge anyone pretending to be a 'master' to his fruits, not to his words.

Human Rights


"Ram Vishnubhotla"  wrote on Wednesday December 13, 2000 at  6:37am:


Discrimination exists. (Perhaps I did a mistake by emphasizing the present situation just to the poets and writers as Racchabanda is more a literary forum). 

I do not think...  is more a literary forum. I request Sreenivas Paruchuri to clarify this. 

On Saibaba: I spent quite a lot of time browsing the net to get some information on Sai Baba and other related videos and articles. First of all I would like to thanks Sri Innaiah Narisetti for posting the information on Sai Baba. I also would like to thank others who posted info. regarding the URL's on Sai Baba.

It is really shocking for me to know what I read about Sai Baba and what I saw in the video clippings. Human rights are abused the maximum with Sai Baba. When 6 people were killed in 1993 in Puttaparthi there is no inquiry. Lot of young kids are molested by Sai Baba and the practice is still continuing today. There must be thousands of people who got affected by the sexual abuse of Sai Baba. 

IMO this is more dangerous to A.P/India/World than any other issue I have seen so far. It is also setting a precedence for other to follow. 
It is the easiest way of accumulating wealth and getting fame. Some of the other people who fall into the category are 1) Sumdara Chatanya 2) Ganapati Saccidanamda Swamy 3) Sivanamda Murthy 4) Guru Viswamji 5) Bala Sai in Karnool.

The director Late L.V.Prasad clearly hit on this point. After 40 years of this movie the problem is getting bigger. It is about time we discussed about the politicians, government officials, VIP's protecting these godmen.


Ramanna Vishnubhotla

From: suresh990 (

Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 23:44:35 EST

Dear Ramanna gaaru,

I have confused a little bit by reading your message on Sai Baba because I am not sure whether the under tone in your mail  is Sarcastic. (you said "this is more dangerous to A.P/India/World than any other issue I  have seen so far.").

Whatever you felt for that issue is true except my confusion :-).

Also reg. the signature campaign ...I think we are not going to contribute any money on this issue. So that is another confusion for me :-). 


From: Ram Vishnubhotla (

Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 09:37:40 EST


The readers of this group are more interested in things happening with Naxal movements and the (flase)police encounter. No one is talking about the things happening in the name of these godmen. Sexual abuse of the children is the biggest offence and the govt. officials, VIP's, CM, PM are encouraging Saibaba by their frequent visits and making him more immune.
When there are 6 people killed in Puttaparthi there is no case or FIR filed. It is an insult to the people of India (the biggest democratic country in the world). Why is that we are not talking about a signature campaign to India-Today and other magazines about an inquiry. When Rajanish started accumulating wealth and followers, he was kicked out of USA.

The second point is that we need to think beyond a signature campaign regarding the Human rights. Let us put our heads together and think beyond the signature campaign. Money is the last thing that can solve many of these kind of problems.

I hope I am clear now.


Ramanna Vishnubhotla