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Time: 04-17-02 

By: Freestonew


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Baba's form (Sai Baba himself) is devalued (Sai Baba is sexually abusing males) and the writer of this posting on Yahoo thinks that Baba is acting this way, because he wants to be absolutely SURE that no one likes his form anymore, so that his devotees will be untied from him in order to gain a direct line to God, within. Remaining devotees, stay with Baba, so that they can get God installed within.

Our comment after having read the posting:

Well... (sigh...) ok, ok... so, we (ex-devotees) more or less won the race? (Applause... thank you, thank you...)

No..., we think that most Human Beings have a direct Line to God, just by being here on this Planet and by doing things we want to do, things that make us happy... 

Agreed, in most circumstances we don't feel the direct Spirit every day - is that so? -, because normally we are messed up with our daily life, but in this same life, there are many occasions, that we are certainly aware of Gods Wisdom, Happiness and Truth, just by taking a walk outside, or by having a good conversation with someone, or by seeing our kids being happy, playing in the garden.


Do we first need to be tricked by a Fraud, living far away, somewhere down under, in South India, before Walking Straight Away in Heaven?

No, don't turn things around, this could never have been Baba's intention, wanting us to expose him.

What we have found out is that:

He is just forgetting that he is a human too, like everybody else, with humanly desires and failures, but that, in his case, the crimes he commits - which are being exposed by us - have grown into monstrous forms...

There are two completing comments on the writing of Freestonew from Beth and Starananda.

From:  Freestonew

Date:  Wed Apr 17, 2002   2:49 PM

Subject:  is THIS why Baba has those sex scandals around him?! 

Hi everyone.

Its been awhile since I posted here. Something reminded me, the other day, about Baba and those sex scandal rumors and FACTS that are there...

I always wondered "Why"?

If Baba is God incarnate, as he says....Gotta be some strange stuff here!

Months ago.... [I do not have the time to check it out] I saw Baba's long, very very Important Speech! I do not know if it was his Birthday speech of November 2001, or another of his speeches that he gives on Important Days.

But anyway... the Tone of his speech, I felt that Baba was really FED UP with something and that he was drawing a Line In The Sand...a message to devotees that MUST be followed or "else"!

---what I recall from this speech [ my translation and words!]... is that Baba was fed up with people who worshipped his FORM! He says that he came to show of Love, truth, Goodness, and these have absolutely nothing to do with a "THING"! Baba's body form is only the "created' not the "creator" all of his devotees were "golden calfing" Baba! Baba says that this must stop.


---like Zen people more into Macrobiotic diet than Zen!

---loving the messeger, not the message!

Must stop now!

There was a book, written by a devotee, about SHIRDI SAI Baba. In this book, he describes his months living with Shirdi... the previous incarnation of Sathya Sai Baba. Shirdi had a favorite devotee that he fawned over daily. One day the Shirdi turned on this devotee and was angry at him and chased him off. Soon, this devotee left the ashram, all angry and sulking. "how could you DO this, Baba?"!...the writer asked. Baba said...."I was the channel for to install God into his heart. Now he has his own God door, within his own heart: he does not need ME anymore, as he has his own direct line to God, within. In fact, his devotion to me, now, would be idolatrous! Plus I have yet OTHER devotees that need to be with me so that they can get God installed within.

[my image for this: mother cat weaning her kittens!]


My take of "Baba sex scandal" is simply this: That Baba permits this to be, and maybe even COMES with this sex-thing, as an attribute "for real", making all of the critics absolutely RIGHT!

Baba wants to be absolutely SURE that no one likes his form, anymore!!

Love and truth have no form! they appear In any form anywhere anytime... no "Baba" is needed: the devotees of 2001 are one year old kittens that still go to mama for their milk!

So mama cat turns on them all REAL GOOD!

Makes SURE that no person ever likes the Baba-form ever ever again!

Baba says that all his devotees will, after they die, they will all go to his heavenly land, that he makes for them.

MY take on this, if my theory is correct about Baba making sure that his form is devalued... [if you see the Buddha along the side of the road: kill him!] ... is that this land, in all of the houses and buildings in it, of all of the people who came there, there will not be a single picture, or representation, of Baba there!

May not even look "Indian" this Baba-heavenland! Not a trace of Baba will be there. Love, Truth, and Goodness will saturate the very air, but no FORMS or pictures or idols will be seen!

Wean the kitten. If it does not want to leave, the mama cat turns on that kitten.


Comment from Beth:

Date: 04-17-2002 11.59 PM ET (US)

By: Beth

From: Message 1580

I took this off of another board to post here. This is what I believe is happening on the "higher planes" and I post it for those who are in pain over SB. I have felt this from day-one. My intuitive feelings immediately upon hearing allegations were that he is forcing people away from him because too many were attached to the form and not realizing the God within. Some of you will realize this when you are ready to, others will not and that's ok...Non of us are supposed to worship Sai anymore...but find God within, ONLY!!!

Comment from Starananda:

Date: Wed Apr 17, 2002  11:25 p.m.

Subject:   Re: is THIS why Baba has those sex scandals around him?!

From: Sathya Sai Baba - Exploring the Life and Work of India's Famous Guru

Well put. I think it is possible that Baba was given this body and psychological make up of a pedophile that the urge to molest would be irresistible to him. So, while imparting good ideas with his words, with his actions he would be exhibiting the perverse nature of a child molester. Which will make sure no one with developed common sense and moral values is worshipping his form.

No one on this board will argue with what he is saying about faith and morality etc. The main subject is his failure to follow the way of dharma he proclaims. That is being a sexual pig as he is, he invents different excuses and explanations for perpetrating disgusting crimes.
Anything can be explained away by any pervert given the chance.
No one wants to face consequences of their wrongdoings and change the attitude. It is a known fact that pedophiles can not be reformed. They keep on abusing and molesting regardless all the odds against them.

And who would want to go to such a paradise built on suffering of adolescent boys taken hostages by the criminal pedophilic gang. It will look more like a hell than a heaven. And only perverts and pedophiles and their admirers would go there in their right mind.

Unless tricked again by the bastard.