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Date: 02-03-02

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updates from the Danish CCG Sorry, I'm not available beth_inca
2/2/02 9:10 pm
More updates sent to Hari from Danish CCG.
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Thursday, the day after documentary:
At least 4 TV programmes that we know of, carried follow ups on thursday, 2 being prime news on DR1, 1st top story in both programmes. DR news covered the story in both news programmes about the Mayor in Veksø that is trying to get the people to stop the school by citizen votes. More than 20.000 people in the area. Interviews with local people, all were really upset and wanted to participate. Mayor was interviewed and was really great. A nice gentleman with some very observant comments. He noted that he was even more upset after the TV documentary and noted that Meyer and the other Org people just denied all accusations as undocumented stories. (!!!)
At 7PM there was a sudden change in the schedule of the most popular call-in debate show on DR1. Jørgen Trygved, the well-known business man, who is 100% involved in the planned school in Veksø together with Meyer, had just returned late afternoon from London. He had not seen the show himself but had been informed of the contents. (Some of you may remember that Trygved was featured in the 2nd expose article in 2000 by BT newspaper, his denials set up against the main feature of the article being the first int. with Sam Young) So he knew all about it. (insert here excerpts from Hari's internet report yesterday based on from my chat relays with added details, thanks Hari, saves me some time here!) :

DR caught up with Trygved at the airport. He went straight to the TV studios and was put on live on the program. He was given an opportunity to defend these allegations against Sai Baba, with a telephone line open to the public, on prime time.

Jorgen Trygved stuck to the usual line of SB followers, saying these charges were just imaginations by a few people and just internet rumours. He was extremely nervous. The program started with excerpts from the doc, replay of excerpts of interviview of Sam Young, detailing here that SB wanted to climb on him from behind and have anal sex, his robe almost completely off and that Sam had to stand up and push him away. SB saying "you dont love me!" and Sam replying, "No no, I love you, I love you, I just dont want to have sex with you!"

Then clip with Jed Geyerhahn, describing the oiling and rubbing of his penis, trying to get it erect. The cut to studio with reporter and Trygved being asked what he had to say to all this. Jorgen Trygved tried to avoid the question, was severely upset but trying to play cool and said, is rubbing oil pedophilia??? (He had just seen the clip with Sam!!!)and was forced to admit on national television that Sai Baba did indeed fondle the genitals of young men, but that was for their own good, and for "energy transformation".

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Re: updates from the Danish CCG Sorry, I'm not available beth_inca
2/2/02 9:14 pm
The 2nd DR news at 9.30PM carried the same report, but included afterwards an interview with a religion researcher, who had general comments about the case. Trygved's statements about sexual transformations was surprisingly brought forward for him to answer. He replied that there were elements of such practises in certain hindu lines of thought, connecting the sexual with the cosmic. But he was sceptical of such implications himself.

4th show was an interview on the TV2 channel with a famous Danish clothes designer, who has been to the ashram several times. She was disturbed and had serious doubts, although she thought SB did a lot of good things with schools and hospitals and she enjoyed the peace in the ashram, so she didnt have to think about anything.

A neuro researcher was brought in also (!) and talked about the tricks of the mind and how it distorts the reality when it is confronted with something unexpectedly. The reference was here to SB's palming tricks which was exposed in the doc. A really amusing end part of the programme was a magician TV2 had in the Cph railway station doing SB tricks to people! He was very very good. He had a cardboard poster put up with SB's picture saying, please give donation for projects. !!! LOL! This was so funny, I was rolling on the floor!

DR news is right now trying to secure the affadavits from Hari via Øjvind and Anders is also in contact with them. They will do some more as soon as they have them.
Several newspapers have also been busy. I will summarize the details tomorrow or monday morning. But a major news item was reported in Politiken newspaper today, surprisingly very low key in the middle of one column today featuring int. with Øjvind. That Øjvind's editor-in-chief has been called up Thursday by a young Danish man who had watched the programme and called in to tell that he had been molested himself by SB !!! We are right now trying to secure more details from Øjvind about this.

Well, it seems that the papers are simply convinced that SB has been molesting boys all over and that the general population agree 100%
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comments on Danish newspaper article - Sorry, I'm not available beth_inca
2/2/02 9:58 pm
Passed on by Hari Sampath from Danish CCG
*** *** ***
Newspaper. Politiken Saturday 2nd February, section on Culture , Page 4

Article entitled: Cheater or God?

Intro translated: "Some call him a living god, others a cheat and still others a pedophile criminal, who molests young children. The name is Sai Baba, but who is he, and why has he got millions of followers?"

Article describes Æjvind Kryø's documentary and its content. Thorbjørn Meyer is then indirectly quoted from Politikens own interview calling the documentary a " tv trial" with completely unfounded accusations, which he cannot imagine has any truth to it.

Then Peter Pruzan, who appeared on the documentary instead of Meyer who declined is directly quoted from Politikens own interview:

"I have spoken with many young people, who have passed through his schools since kindergrarten, and they all praise him as the greatest spiritual teacher. They laugh at it, and call the accusations pure fiction"

" But it is obvious, that I cannot know with 100% certainty, if it is true or not"

"But all my experience with Sai Baba tells me that it cannot be true. I experience Sai Baba as an embodiment of love" say Pruzan, whom himself today is leaving for Sai Babas ashram in Puttaparthi in India to teach at the university there.

Article then goes on to say that the charges are not new. Reference is made to the English-Indian paper Deccan Chronicle 1992 about cover story with picture of secret video showing SB's miracles are fake. (Must be report from the Doordarshan footage?) Article says that accusations have been circulating on the internet for years but came into focus when The London Telegraph in the UK published a 6-page article. Conny is mentioned and excerpt of his open letter to SB is quoted.

Article goes on to Meyer comments, direct quote inserted calling Conny a "highly non-credible witness" but he wishes not to elaborate further. Direct quote: "I will not engage myself in pure mud slinging" says Meyer, calling [Conny's] letter "the peak of hypocrisy"

Article says SB has never been sentenced for pedophilia, but those who thinks that he is, explain that is because he has so many prominent devotees in the political and judiciary arena in India. Vajpaayee is mentioned. Article goes on to describe history of SB and what he does, usual stuff, mentioning that he will be around until he is 96 and come back as Prema Sai. Charlotte Sparre, the Dansih clothes designer is then quoted about some trivial things about the peace in the ashram. Then Pruzan is quoted directly again, mentioning first he has been visiting PN for 12 years.

Pruzan "In our world we have been taught to relate to the real world. And one of the things I have learned from Sai Baba, is, that reality is much greater than my logic and senses can convey to me"

Article then says we are left with the accusations against Sai Baba:

The charges still stand against Sai Baba, devotees do not believe in them however, but Thorbjørn Meyer emphasizes that the importance of Sai Baba's teachings is not dependent on his personality.

Meyer is then quoted:

"I am a devotee of Sai Baba's teachings, but not necessarily of his person. Sai Baba warns against too much attachment to his human form. That which counts are his teachings.There was recently a big case in Ireland, where some monks and nuns were sentenced a big compensation for sexual exploitation of children, but that does not make people say that all catholics are scoundrels"
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