Watershed Year For India-U.S. Relations, says Rocca

Date: 02-14-07

By: editors exbaba.com

Barry Pittard's blog entry discusses a U.S. government report that makes him further query whether it will be but a matter of time before the wider Indian public demands accountability of Sathya Sai Baba and his key leaders. This follows his earlier discussion of reports by Sanjoy Majumder, BBC New Delhi, and Tim Sullivan AP, Washington, of a new popular agitation in India against police, government and judicial corruption  See:  http://tinyurl.com/2arl57
His earlier article on the Majumder and Sullivan reports are at:

Watershed Year For India-U.S. Relations, says Rocca.
From: report by Ela Dutt, House International Relations Subcommitte for Asia & the Pacific. Source: Indian American Center for Political Awareness. Updated on 05 February, 2007

"The year 2005 is a watershed year in the relations between India and the United States declared Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Christina Rocca at the State Department. But there are significant hurdles to overcome, she cautioned".

"While democracy had a tradition in the region, Rocca said, democratic institutions are seriously challenged in parts of the region. The U.S. is helping develop democratic tools such as the rule of law, independent media, grass roots activism, good governance and transparency through which these nations can address the fundamental problems of extremism, security, and development. Their success will bolster stability throughout the region. Progress in South Asia will have global consequences".