The Word of SB's Crimes is



Date: 03-31-02

By: marswalker108 (Dennis Hanisch)

From: Sathyasaibabadiscussionclub

Document date: Sat Mar 30, 2002  8:25 p.m.

Subject:  The Word of SB's Crimes is Spreading

I have just completed a trip through 4 states here in the USA. Mystic sadona, Arizona has been considered sacred by the American Indians for thousands of years. During my one day visit to this beautiful tourist area, I visited 4 crystal/metaphysical bookstores which sell SSB publications and one that does not.

I told my story of becoming an ex-devotee to the managers or clerks in these stores. All those individuals were courteous and interested in my story. Of about 20 people spoken to, about 15 had heard of rumors regarding the sexual crimes of SSB.

Some thought it was timely that I speak of this because of the sexual abuses by Catholic priests now coming to light in the USA and the cover-up by the Catholic Church concerning these crimes. A salesperson at the store stocking the most books about SB said they were ready to do damage control if the allegations hit the mainstream media in the US.

Some of you know that I have posted previously regarding the cover-up of Sai sexual abuses by leaders of the organization here in the US. On leader even tied to justify the molestations to me during a phone conversation with her.

After leaving Sadona, I attended a symposium near Farmington, New Mexico. Some with a metaphysical interest were in attendance. I talked to 2 individuals who had a very favorable impression of SB.

They both listened to my viewpoint and had also heard rumors regarding SB. I was able to change the thinking of these seekers of truth. I feel encouraged that the word is getting out and people are becoming more cautious.

Please, may all those with pure motives and integrity keep up the good work!