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Date: 12/27/00 3:41 p.m.

Dear sistermargo: I usually look at your posts with a lot of attention,I feel the wisdom you share with us will help many of us to get a better idea of what's going on.
You asked:

What does this Godman has to offer to you?

Everything that happens to us is a needed experience, what we are going through right now, we must enjoy it as well.

SSB was my guru I learned to get back to god following his teachings. I love him for it.
But I also learned at last that no guru or master is needed to realize God. This is happening so we can get rid of images, icons, idols and so on...
Following somebody will become a barrier for your spiritual growth, an organization such as his will become a barrier to find the real path.
You are your own master, disciple, follower, you are your final truth, we have to look for it, not intellectually speaking, but only listening, observing, watching. There is no answer for what has happened, lets listen inside and experience it with love and joy. You are so right, rushing spirituality is not the key. We shouldn't let the mind act smart and tell us in his tricky way what the truth is. The outside world as we see it is real, how we see it is real, it is the same truth we have inside. In India we are told that the outside world is Maya, is that true?Look and listen and we will find the answer, lets not follow guidelines, follow yourself. I have followed self enquiry for over a year now and it seems to help. The second question I believe is answered already.
I'm thankful for you letting me share experiences with all the brothers and sisters around.

The light of God bless you forever.