Testimonial from Elizabeth Alexander


Date: 07-11-11

Copied from: http://www.saipetition.net/cgi-bin/pet.cgi

Elizabeth Alexander USA signed the petition on July 13. 2011.

If there was even ONE complaint, he should have been investigated…but there have been SO many from all over the world. Just like the Pope & the Catholic Church, Sai Baba & his protectors (who are JUST as guilty) did whatever they had to do to protect the child rapists & they have brainwashed millions with his “message” of love & peace, with promises of being “special or chosen” just from being in his very presence.

And Sai Baba had NO possessions??? I’d laugh, but it is SO not funny. He stole millions in gold, silver, diamonds, & cash (illegal) from the blind faith followers, which he hid & stole the innocence & very soul of the helpless children. Not only are there massive skeletons in the closet, but also secreted in the floors, ceilings, & walls of his every room. I’ve known Isaac just about my entire life & love him dearly, but power, ego, & control over one’s destiny through mental, physical, psychological, & especially sexual domination of others, is abhorrent. Why on earth does anyone believe that one man or woman, for that matter, holds the key to their salvation! It is pure insanity, for we all have it… within ourselves!

Follow the message..NOT THE MESSENGER! A wolf in sheep’s clothing is nothing but a WOLF. Sorry for the rant, but I am ANGRY & have never believed in Sai Baba, through Isaac or anyone else. PROSECUTE THESE ANIMALS, DEAD OR ALIVE!! Someone PLEASE stop the lies! Stop the insanity! Protect the children! Religion is based on one’s fear of dying & what comes afterwards & has been used as an excuse for prejudice, murder, & rape almost as long as humans have existed. VERY rarely is it used for the right reasons-to love each other & ourselves unconditionally, with no expectation of personal rewards… or of having an audience with the great…and fake guru, Sai Baba. And why in heaven did he pull rabbits out of his skirts (aka diamonds & watches), instead of cures for cancer?? Why didn’t he make homes appear for the homeless?

Make one loaf of bread into millions of loaves?? Nothing but slight of hand tricks by a homosexual pedophile. Just a child who was bullied & learned from the streets how to fool the multitudes & gain their respect… all for his own inherent needs. For those who actually profited spiritually, that is truly wonderful, but this is NO excuse for overlooking his grossly selfish & damaging sexual proclivities. NO MAN OR GOD HAS THAT RIGHT!!!