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Date: 7/24/00 3:06 p.m.

Bal-Vikas Students

When I was 13 my family joined the Dallas Sai Center. In the beginning I was very rebellious to the whole idea of SB; I couldn't believe how all these seemingly intelligent people could believe that a person could perform these amazing miracles. But as I continued to attend Bal-Vikas classes, I learned SB's teachings, and these more than the miracles were what was important to me.

My Bal-Vikas teacher was an extremely strong woman, with very strong faith. I can remember one Bal-Vikas class where she said, "What does SB want from all of us?" and I answered, "Blind faith". She was ecstactic with my answer and I was just glad that I had made her happy. But now that I think back to that day, it was (or is) our blind faith that kept us from seeing the falseness of SB. It's these kinds of teachings that are molding the Bal-Vikas students of today.

I told my little brother (he's 16) about the findings website, and he does not believe me at all. He says that the site is a fabricated lie made up by people that want to hurt SB. He has been in the Bal-Vikas program for over 10 years now. He's just graduated into the YA group. He's been to see SB once, last summer, and thank God, he didn't get an interview.

Now when I read about people saying that SB is a cult leader, I am more inclined to believe them. When I was a part of the SB fold, I was unable to believe the critics who said that he was a fake. But as my eyes have opened I can see SB for what he is.

Message 235

Date: 7/24/00 7:17 p.m.

RE: Blind Faith


As you say I do have a great opportunity to lead my loved ones out of the darkness. But my parents and brother feel that they are in the light, the light of the Lord. In order for me to convince them of SB's wrongdoing, they will demand more proof then what it took me. I hid my doubts about SB's divinity the entire time. I felt like a hypocrite every time I sat for bhajans, because I did not feel he was the one I should be praying to. My family, however, is different, they believe to the core of their being that this tainted man is the Lord. How can I show them The Findings site, and ONLY The Findings site to convince them. I owe it to them to be able to answer their ensuing questions more thoroughly.

The reason I have joined this board is to expose SB. Expose him not only to my immediate family, but to my Sai family (all the disillusioned people in the Dallas Center). Before I can present my case however, I must have more evidence.

Also, YOT I have checked my email repeatedly today, and do not have an email from you. How is it that you've contacted me?