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December 31, 2000


At, Conny Larsson has delivered another Online "Open Letter to Sai Baba". Contained in the body of this letter is a challenge to Sai Baba to attend an International Court of Law that is preferably away from the "corruption of India".

Read the full letter here:

What is Larsson's purpose in writing? Conny Larsson is responding to Sai Baba's Christmas Day discourse which may be read here. His purpose in writing is this:

"writing my second Open Letter to you since you now have lashed out against people that dare to raise their voice against the criminal actions you daily engage in yourself."


Conny Larsson has been vigorous with questions for Sai Baba. Perhaps it is now meet and fitting to address pertinent considerations to Conny Larsson.

Conny Larsson states that Sai Baba daily engages in criminal activities. He raises the question, "What are these criminal activities?" He then goes on to answer, 'sexual abuses of boys and young men'. Conny Larsson systematically interviewed the boys he took to Puttaparthi and between 1984 adn 1999, interviewed many, many other boys and men, and conducted interviews while he was a National Officebearere in the Sai Baba Organization of Sweden, and he did nothing to debar, prevent, assist or stop these activities from 1984 to 1999, a period of fifteen years. This can be verified from Larsson's statements online here, here, and here. It then follows that Larsson has himself failed all those in his charge, and by his fifteen years of silence [Larsson admits he knew all about it] that Larsson is implicitly responsible via his failure to take preventive action? The answer is YES, because Larsson calls himself a FOOL for not seeing it for what he now sees it. If there is any substance to the criminal allegations of Conny Larsson, then Larsson stands guilty as silent accomplice in the same crimes he accuses Sai Baba.

Another great "crime" of Sai Baba, is "consciously deceiving people daily by your false manifestation". Larsson is saying two things here:

Larsson's grounds for this crime cannot be defended in any system of democracy nor in any legal system. The entire religious system of Hinduism [called Sanathana Dharma] and the legal system in the West is based on personal responsibility for personal acts and intentions, and intended acts. In both spiritual and moral dharma and in the civil jurisprudence of all Western Countries, if a person plans an event in their mind, has the intention to carry that out and the means, then, in Law, they have committed that event. Western Civilization is founded on moral principles that all persons, except children and the certified insane, are responsible for their acts and the state of their minds.

Larsson, who is accusing Baba of daily crimes in "consciously deceiving people daily by your false manifestation" is making indefensible assumptions, by saying that all persons in Prasanthi Nliayam or indeed, all persons anywhere, attending Sai Baba darshans, are not responsible for their minds or their actions, and that ALL materializations by Sai Baba are false and fake.

Where is the evidence of Larsson's that "ALL materializations by Sai Baba are false and fake"? Whom has he interviewed? Where are his records of interview? Has he interviewed ALL persons who have received materialized gifts from Sai Baba? Has he interviewed persons who received materializations in 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, before he came to Prasanthi Nilayam? Larsson in not in Prashanthi Nilayam, yet he asserts daily fraud, deceit and fakery. What and where is his evidence? Where in the legislation proclaimed in Andhra Pradesh or in any other place in India, is it stated that the production of materializations by natural, spiritual or any other means, is a crime?

Who is Lashing Out?

Larsson twice refers to "The Times of India" report that Sai Baba has "lashed out". It seems from this Open Letter that Conny Larsson has not read an authorized translation of the Christmas Day discourse, for in that discourse, Sai Baba does not refer to The Times of India; rather, it would seem, Larsson has based his letter on whatever was reported in The Times of India. How is the reader of this open letter to know the reported content of the discourse? Larsson does not provide specifics. Nor does he provide a link to the Times of India coverage.

Larsson has used the phrase "lashed out" ... such a phrase has the meaning of violence, of anger, infuriate, lash (or whip up) into a fury, enrage, madden... all violence related meanings. Does Larsson not know that ahimsa, non-violence is one of the principal human values taught by Sathya Sai Baba?

Here is an extract of the 25 December, 2000, Christmas Darshan discourse:

Jesus had twelve disciples. Judas was the twelfth disciple, who ultimately betrayed Jesus. At that time, there was only one Judas, but today there are many such 'Judases'. Today the world is engulfed in unrest because of the rise in the number of betrayers like Judas. They are so mean-minded that they are easily tempted by money. Judas betrayed Jesus for just a few pieces of silver. Even two thousand years ago, money became the primary objective of man. Because of their greed for money, people resort to evil and unjust ways, distort the truth, and make false propaganda. This was the case then and it is so even now. No one needs to be afraid of such false allegations. Why should one be afraid of the mistake that one has not committed? In the past, many evil-minded people were jealous of the divine personalities who attained worldwide fame through their teachings of truth and righteousness. Even today there is no dearth of such wicked people.

In this extract, Sai Baba speaks of Jesus being betrayed, personal unrest increasing because of betrayal and being tempted by money. Sai Baba PLAINLY STATES in these circumstances, "Money is the primary objective of man". Because of money, persons have greed, resort to evil to obtain it, distort truth and make false propaganda in order to attract the money.

In this extract, Sai Baba is not "lashing out", nor is there any incitation to anger, rage, revenge, retaliation. None of the words, nor any other components of this definition are found in the betrayal quote. Fear, violence, evil, anger, jealousy: these are absent. Sai Baba replies to his betrayers and detractors with "No-one needs to be afraid of such false allegations" and 'WHY SHOULD ONE BE AFRAID OF THE MISTAKE ONE HAS NOT COMMITTED?"

Sai Baba reiterates to all his listeners in the opening slokas of this discourse ...

Forbearance is the real beauty in this sacred land of Bharat (India).
Of all the sacred virtues, adherence to truth is true penance.
The nectarine feeling in this country is the feeling towards one's mother.
Character is valued far higher than the very life itself....

Hardly the words of lashing out, stirring up, fomenting discord, goading, whipping, inciting, or inflaming of others to act against the betrayers or Judases? It is obvious from the cited text there be no lashing out here.

The Crimes of Sai Baba

"Larsson, after much blathering on behalf of "all the hurt boys in the world" (He does not tell us who appointed him spokesperson on behalf of these) lays down a challenge to Sathya Sai Baba to attend courts that are not corrupt. Perhaps Larsson has finally hiccupped:

"To hold the court case in India would only be a farce that no one would believe since your connections are all to well known among the hick ups.

(A direct copy of the Open letter here: ... Larsson's errors of transcription, not ours.)

The Judges are to judge the "right and wrong" in this "sad saga" of Sathya Sai Baba. This sad saga includes the following crimes Sai Baba daily commits against humanity, as specified by Conny Larsson in this letter:

An astounding list of crimes? A shocking collation of malfeasance and malice aforethough? Hardly, since most of the crimes are claims concluded as if fact rather than statements of evidence or detail. One gains nothing in attending to such material and baseless conclusions. It would be better if Conny Larsson and others were to return to India, gather evidence and present it to the appropriate authorities. As stated elsewhere in this site, first gather evidence, then present, obtain a conviction, a finding of "Guilty".

Then, persons alert and attending to procedures may decide one way or the other on Larsson's "crimes", and on the validity or otherwise of Sai Baba as a Guru. Until then, Larsson is making unsubstantiated assertions, not citing evidence. Larsson is keen to see Baba present to interrogation and questioning before the International Courts of Justice at The Hague. However, Larsson has not specified, nor provided compelling evidence that sends him back to India and the Law Courts, of international crimes Sai Baba has committed.

Until such time as Larsson and others do their legal footwork, one can only concur with Sai Baba in his Christmas Day discourse, as mentioned earlier: "No-one needs to be afraid of such false allegations"