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Hello to everybody.

Since you came here, you were probably searching something regarding Sai Baba, or similar arguments. If, through any Internet search engine, we try the simple search of the words "sai baba", we will be given a huge number of pages created for Sai Baba's good, maybe even created under the direction of true love and devotion; these pages will tell us sublime things: miracles, spiritual evolution, love, devotion, direct contact with God... it will also explain us in detail the travel to reach this master. In many cases, this all will appear us simply "too good to be true", and a not-to-be-wasted chance (it was this way to me, and for many others it's still so, right now). But then, if we try to search some alternative information, not given by devotion, excitement or other, we'll find very few. It will be very difficult to build up an objective opinion about Sai Baba, based on pro and cons, on negative and positive outlooks; and not only based on personal experiences and accounts of somehow "excited" devotees (and for this reason, not much objective).

Therefore, the humble purpose of these pages is to give, on the ground of my knowledge and personal experience, an alternative outlook on the Sai Baba question. It's not my intention to be disrespectful of someone's faith, nor offensive towards things, peoples and/or organizations. I just want to try to show the other side of the "Sai Baba" medal, since usually the only visible side is the exciting, shining, enchanting one.

If this could be of some interest to you, and if you like to know more about, the following summary will guide you.  Also, any kind of feedback is welcome, and I will read with interest any message you will send me. You will find my e-mail below. Thank you and good reading.

P.S.: Since I am Italian, and I am not so skilled with English language, my translation from italian language could be terrible... please don't hesitate to correct me!

Note: the property and all the rights related to the passages, the interviews, the books, the works and everything is quoted in this site, belongs to the respective authors. The translations were made personally by myself, trying to be as true as possible to the originals; in any case, never twisting or altering the meaning of a text. The only variations, in the form but not in the meaning, may be regarding some italian expression, which may be not directly translatable in english.

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