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"A Friend In India To All The World"




Date: 12-12-02

From: marswalker108

Document date: Wed Dec 11, 2002  6:47 p.m.

Subject: "A Friend In India To All The World"

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Dear Editor,

The purpose of this letter is to convey my credible knowledge of the dark side of Sathya Sai Baba (SSB) including sexual molestations and my concern regarding the decades of cover-up by his worldwide organization and the power elite of India.

I am a retired math teacher, who as a former devotee of this Indian Godman for 27 years, was called into interviews by him at his ashram. I was active in his organization for 20+ years.

It is an irony but I had been aquainted with a boy and his family from Arkansas for 15 years when I was devastated to learn he had been sexually molested by SSB over 20 times (oral sex and masturbation).
The prominent U. K. newspaper THE DAILY TELEGRAPH was one of the first to run a story on these incidents. Please read this article: http://www.exbaba.com, click on "Articles", scroll down to "Oct, 2000", and click on "Divine Downfall."

When I was faced with this scandal during April, 2000, some prominent devotees and officers were resigning from the South Central (SSB) Region of the U.S. I decided to conduct a slow and careful
investigation. To investigate, I made phone calls all over the world talking to victims, and parents and friends of victims. What influenced me most was the pattern of the many cases involved (First the oilings. Maybe just a touching or probing. Then finally the unthinkable--oral sex and masturbation.).

A prominent national (SSB) leader did not deny the allegations when I interviewed her on the phone. She indicated that the boys must "have a lot of karma" and SSB was only acting as a "mirror reflection" to them.

It grieves me that Mr. Bradshaw failed to research Sai Baba's background and controversial side to his nature. For example, it is common knowledge that UNESCO officially withdrew as a co-sponsor of an educational conference scheduled at his ashram at Puttaparthi, India. The U.S. State Dept. has even posted a "travel advisory" on SSB without mentioning his name. There are other irregularities such as the murders at his ashram in 1993 and videos in slow motion showing SSB faking his materializations.

The allegations against SSB have hit the fan of the media in countries such as the U.K. (Times of London, Daily Telegraph), Australia (The Ape), Germany (BILD Focus), India (India Today), and
Canada, (Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun)... also the BBC. TV Documentaries exposing SSB have aired in Denmark and Argentina.

Those who have been contacted or have affidavits include the FBI, Interpol, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Scotland Yard, French Surete, German Chief Prosecution's Office, and the Australian Federal Police, and many foreign ministries. It is difficult to prosecute this Godman in India because of roadblocks put up by the Indian Judiciary which contain many SSB devotees. As Bradcher knows, the political and government elite of India pay their respects to SSB. They know that millions of dollars flow to his ashrams and projects.

In conclusion, I am one of the few ex-devotees in the U.S. who has consistently attended SSB study cirlces for over 20 years. SSB has repeatedly claimed to be:

1) The Father who sent Jesus Christ on earth.

2) The reincarnation of both Krishna and Rama.

3) The Ultimate Absolute.

Bracher's article failed to mention these facts! I have no axe to grind.

A few valuable websites are:




http://www.sathyasaivictims.com/ (not available anymore)


Dennis J Hanisch marswalker108@hotmail.com