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Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 11:10 AM

Subject: Your story on Yahoo


Hi Stephanie,

In your story on Yahoo named: "Possible truth behind 'yucky' stories"

from two years ago which was the same as on:

(Note from the editors of; since a few days this article is not available anymore.)

I found this preliminary text;

After much soul searching I realised that the stories about Baba can not be true - my personal experience of Baba is so wonderful it just doesn't fit. But- I figured there must be some kind of story behind these stories, especially now that they are starting a full campaign against Baba - the story made front page news in the Melbourne Sunday Age last week. I asked Baba for the truth of these stories. Naturally, he didn't answer me. However, eventually I felt led to certain realisations.

Please send the following onto anyone who is questioning the yucky stories now going around about Sai Baba:

My question is:

Did your soul searching continue after two years? Or are you still thinking this way? Because great evidence of sexual abuse committed by Sai Baba has been found and publicised in the media since that time.


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Yes, I still think the same.
What studies have you done on organised mind control?
On the power of hypnotism?

On the Illuminati, which is headed by the Rothschilds?

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Hi Stephanie!

Thanks for your answer!

No, I didn't, but I presume you did, so I may conclude that even your studies on organised mind control, of the power of hynotism and even the Illuminati, didn't open your eyes on the Truth of the sexual abuse of young boys by Sai Baba, which may never be made more complicated than you are trying to do, by posing me those questions to start an undesirable discussion which would lead us away from the subject; Sai Baba, who is abusing boys, which is a crime and there is much more happening in Puttaparthi!

Nevertheless, I wish you the best, but... I think you should be wiser...

There is a completing mail from Paola too, which follows next, but which was just sent after the posting of my first mail (above) from today November 12, 2002 11:10 AM:

From Paola: in reply to Stephanie 

Date: 11-12-02

From: Paola



I would like to say a few words in reply to Stephanie.

Every people has his own law and custom and our duty is to be respectful of people traditions (even Baba always said that).

It's true, in India "such practices" are allowed BUT it must be borne in mind that such practices in West are immoral acts.

If Sai Baba claims we adapt ourselves to local custom in Puttaparthi (clothes, diet, no smoking, no alcohol) also him is supposed to respect Western customs and, therefore, to turn such "special attentions" just to Indians to avoid offending Western people.

He cannot say "my life is an example" and after sets us an apposite example, otherwise, what kind of master is he?

All the best.