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Sent: Monday, November 25, 2002 12:25 AM

Subject: For Shame!

No ! It is you who should be ashamed to write such a mail, dont you protect your Baba any longer, the man does not deserve that, he is a pedophile and a fraud, he molests youn men!

How could any of you desecrate such a great souls.

Is that so?... I don't believe that, someone who did all those things to boys, of which you can read on our site..., no, not a great soul this Baba from Puttaparthy, just read the complete story of Hans de Kraker !

Did any of you first hand witness any of these happenings,

Yes, ofcourse, I know Mr. Hans de Kraker personally, he is a very good man and a personal friend of mine, he has been sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba, all the words in his testimonial are true !

do any of you do even a fraction of good that all of us in the organization go out and do.

Yes, and we do more ! We are exposing the misdeeds of Sai Baba, so that people see the Truth about this man.

Since you post your website information for the public to read, kindly read the article from the times of India at this link.


I will do, yes, but first I will be reading your mail, and answering:

If any of you, as the article explains, quotes Baba as challenging his detractors to emulate him to the extent of even one thousandth, then at least you would condemn and critisize one that you would emulate in doing good. What about all of the good and great things that have been accomplished? Do these count for nothing?

You don't know what you are writing, ofcourse the personality of Sai Baba has more sides, the good side is to cover the bad side, let me say it that simple way, Sai Baba says that he is God, but his 'form' may do what it wants, he refuses to take responsability for the bad things his 'form' (Baba himself) did, this is a clear case of schyzophrenia.

I have been in front of Swami and have spoken with Him. I have seen amazing divine happenings in my life and the lives of others.

Just consult a good psychologist, when your life is troubled, that is all, these persons are professionally trained...

My best friends and brother's have attended His schools. No one has been hurt and molested.

No one would ever tell you if that was so, do you have that guarantee that everyone tells you what has happened in ones life? No, but we clear evidence from witnesses who were molested very badly... and their stories are on our site www.exbaba.com

He had every opportunity with me,

Do you like every girl/boy you see/meet?

and never did anything inappropriate.

Many boys sex organs were fondled, when they did not think that was inapproprate, even the seven year old boys who were raped thought that this was normal, so ... inappropriate? That is different to anyone...

How could He, a being who preaches and practices good.

He can, he can, because that is one side, just as I said, to cover the other side, believe me, this side exists, that Baba never did anything inappropriate with you, or your family or friends, doesn't mean that he did not to that to other boys!

If you feel that you have made an error, correct it, retract the libelous comments and apologize.

Not a single word mister, not a single word on our site is incorrect, and when it is or was, it will of would be removed immediately, like we did in the past several times...

One thing about Baba is He can see your intentions.

But you know this.

Jomanda in Holland too, she is able to that too, but she never maltreated sexually young boys or girls...

Anton Pauwwe from Holland can, but they never claimed to be God...

I will never know Swami otherwise than how I now Him as I do.

And this is allright, ok, so be happy with that, but keep in mind, that your master is not the Avatar who he says he is, , because an Avatar doesn't abuse young boys or girls.

I am so sorry that you have all failed yourselves.

I don't feel the same to you, you are following the wrong path by keepin' devoting this Sai Baba, but I think it is very important for you, and as a man with good intention I want to help you with that, to stick to you own experiences in positiveness, these may guide you in your life, I won't take that away from you, just try to de-attach from your abusive 'Master ', in the mean time we will continue to expose the criminal aspects of this 'Avatar' in India, Sathya Sai Baba, so that many persons will be warned!

David Wolff

Ex Baba


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From: David Wolff

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Subject: Re: For Shame!

You and yours are certain failures. Fortunately, God affords many lives to make better souls of ourselves. I am sure your next one will show you how libel and slander are so very hurtful. By the way, I did not read your response and now your messages will be permanently deleted from my database before they arrive.

...and thus ends this story, the usual answer, and the usual behaviour, putting the head in the sand again...

Ex Baba