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November 24th (12.00 am)

This was the report about the Birthday celebrations and Swami's message to the world, in the newspaper called Hindu.

Be sincere in life, says Saibaba

Satya Saibaba has exhorted people to be sincere in whatever they do as it is a must for accomplishing every task in life including the spiritual field. "Sincerity is nothing but unwavering faith in whatever task we take up," he said.

During a discourse on the occasion of his 77th birthday at Saikulwant Hall in Prashanti Nilayam on Saturday, he observed that every creature would aspire for happiness, peace and bliss but these goals were achieved by very few. He suggested that humans should acquire changeable and changing wisdom as human life had no value without wisdom.

A perfect harmony between the body, mind and action was the lone path to achieve wisdom in life, he said. "One cannot have wisdom without wiping out ego from within. That is the reason why humans should purify their mind and action."

Saibaba likened women as embodiments of wisdom. They would uphold the values and essence of life, he noted. At the same time, he asked men to kill the animal quality among them, develop human quality and transform themselves into divine quality.

He said spiritual thinking was foundation of life and one should treat food as a form of god. Asking devotees to speak always the truth he urged them to remain calm whenever forced into a piquant situation. "Being calm was the safest way not to speak untruth," he said.

He asked students of Satya Sai Institutions to "start early, drive slowly and reach safely" to achieve their goal in life.

He told them not to waste sacred morals and time as they could never be regained in life. He asked them to continue their sojourn of life with "sathya, dharma, shanti and prema."

Saibaba said he did not like all these celebrations but was forced to accept them for his devotees. Stating that he was happy everyday, he said, "Whatever I am doing is for the devotees and believers and their happiness." Baba said he had no worries, no thoughts and no desires but only wished good for his devotees.

On the way to the podium, he lighted candles on a few birthday cakes. He cut the cake in the presence of the President, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and distributed it among the dignitaries.

In the end, Saibaba was given a `harathi' and he personally distributed gifts to important devotees.

Swami lights a candle on the cakeNovember 23rd (2.00 pm)

The Birthday celebration ended today with the musical performance by Praveena Sultan and another English singer who sang some songs in English. In the evening too it was very crowded with devotees from all over the world. You can see more pictures of the celebrations in the events section. There are nearly 20 pictures so be patient while they load.


Devotees lining up ouside the mandir for getting a glance of SwamiNovember 23rd (2.00 pm)

Devotees were lining up Outside mandir from early morning. There were lines at around 3:00 am and they continued till 8:00 am. The roads were jam packed even inside mandir there was not much space left. Swami gave a discourse in the morning program. In which swami talked about how people should care and love their parents and how Swami himself was setting example in that respect etc. The morning program finished and prasad was distributed. In the evening there will be a musical program, that's the only thing we know for sure.

Swami talking to the Indian President Abdul KalamNovember 22nd (9.00 pm)

Swami just gave a discourse, and the University Convocation ended. There was drama after the event by the Students of Swami's school. To see more pictures of the event go to the events section.

November 22nd (5.00 pm)

The Chief Guest Mr. Abdul Kalam just spoke. His first words were "Thank You Swami ji". He started the speech thanking Swami for giving him an opportunity to speak at this event. Then he talked about how Swami is helping people through all the seva programs etc. Before the speech the students of Swami's university received Gold medals for their academic achievements.

November 22nd (2.00 pm)

Indian President being received by the Cheif Minister at Puttaparthi AirportIndian President is the chief guest for this evenings University Convocation. He just arrived in Puttaparthi. He was received at the Puttaparthi Airport by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. For tomorrows event there will be nearly seven Chief ministers as guest in Puttaparthi.

November 22nd (1.00 pm)

Today the President of India, Mr. Abdul Kalam will arrive in Puttaparthi and will be the chief guest for the University Convocation program. Which will start at 3:00 pm this evening. As you all know its Swami Birthday tomorrow. The World Space Digital radio will be broadcasting Swami's discourse live tomorrow, so devotees in South East Asia can listen to it if you have the Digital Radio from World Space. Devotees from all over the world are coming to Puttaparthi for the event so its getting very busy here.

November 20th (8.30 pm)

Today morning there was discourse by Swami. It came as a surprise because most people thought there will be no programs today. From tomorrow onwards all the Guests, Dignitaries and devotees will start arriving in Puttaparthi for the 77th Birthday celebrations.

November 19th (7.30 pm)

The Drama called "Sati Sathyavan Savithri" just finished. This Drama was performed by the balavikas from Kerala. After the program, Swami presented the girl who played the lead role with a golden chain. In the afternoon there was discourse by Swami, after which devotees received Apples as prasad.

November 19th (11.30 am)

Today morning as part of the celebrations for the Women's day, Swami was welcomed into mandir by the two musicals bands from Swami's women college and school. There were dance programs by the the students, there was a performance with Violins by the students. Then a well known Indian singer called Shusheela sang some songs about Swami. And the programs ended with the bhajans. Saris were given to some devotees. There is Swami's speech in the afternoon at 2:30 pm and then at around 6:00 pm there is a drama called "Sati Savithri" performed by the devotees from Kerala.

November 19th (11.00 am)

Today is Women's Day in Puttaparthi, there will be cultural programs in mandir by ladies today. The girls band from Anantapur campus will perform in mandir. The bhajans will be sung by ladies and evening when Swami will give speech the translator for Swami's speech too will be a lady, which is usual done by Mr. Anil Kumar. Then at the end of the Bhajans even the Aarthi will be done by the ladies.

November 18th (8.00 am)

The Ratham which was brought to mandir on RathosavamToday morning there was rathosavam near the gopuram gate in Puttaparthi, the chariot was decorated with flowers and colorful clothes and was brought to the gopuram gate. Then the idols of Lord Rama, Laxmana and Sita were brought from inside mandir and they were kept in Chariot which then went on a journey through the streets with priest chanting vedas in front of it and devotees singing bhajans and a small group of musicians playing their instruments. Like the last few years this year too Swami did not come to the event. For more pictures go to the events section.

November 17th (5:00 pm)

Puttaparthi was linked to the national railway network on Saturday, near here, when the Union Minister of State for Railways, Bandaru Dattatreya, flagged off Prashanti Nilayam-Kachiguda Express, an extension of Dharmavaram-Kachiguda service (train No. 7604/7603), as a part of Penukonda-Puttaparthi-Dharmavaram link.

The Union Minister said the long-felt need of devotees of Satya Saibaba was fulfilled with the inauguration of the link. He declared Prashanti Nilayam a model railway station and termed it a `birthday' gift to Saibaba. He said emphasis was being laid on improvement of sanitation on trains and at stations. About Rs. 200 crores was being spent on the improvement of passenger amenities during the current financial year.

Mr. Dattatreya announced diversion of train No. 2429/2430 Bangalore-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express (four days a week), train No. 6529/6530 Udyan Express between Mumbai CST and Bangalore and No. 8563/8564 Prashanthi Express between Visakhapatnam and Bangalore via Prashanti Nilayam station from today. The trains were being run on Penukonda-Dharmavaram line so far.

Besides, diversion of New Delhi-Bangalore Karnataka Express, Bangalore-Secunderabad Express and Yashwantpura-Guntur passenger trains via Puttaparthi would be considered, the Minister added.

The General Manager of South Central Railway, S.M. Singla, said the inauguration of new line would provide direct access to Puttaparthi from all over the country. The Additional General Manager, K.K. Pande, explained that Penukonda-Puttaparthi (21 km) and Puttaparthi-Dharmavaram (32 km) line was laid at a cost of Rs. 124 crores. He said all trains would have a five-minute halt at Prashanti Nilayam.

November 16th (6:00 pm)

The president of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, will visit Puttaparthi on November 22nd and 23rd to participate in the 77th birthday celebrations of Sathya Sai Baba.

According to Officials, he will be the cheif guest at the 21st convocation of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning on November 22nd and would participate in the birthdya celebration on the next day. Besides, six Cheif Ministers including those of Andhra Pradeshm Karnataka and Maharashtra were likely to attend the birthday fete.

November 15th (6:00 pm)

Today the Bhajans finished early at around 8:00 am, when they were suppose to start at 9:00 am. This was because today Swami gave away nearly 70 sewing machines to some of the devotees and they also received Saris. Then prasadam was distributed to everyone. This was why bhajans finished early today.

November 11th (9:00 pm)

Yesterday evening the Akhanda Bhajan finished, the bhajans went on for 24 hours without stopping finishing yesterday evening at 6:00 pm. Then prasad was distributed to the devotees concluding the celebrations. The weather got better as the day went along and there was no rain yesterday.

November 10th (4:00 pm)

Akhanda Bhajana is still going on inside mandir. In fact i can hear the bhajans while writing this. The weather has also improved, it has stopped raining. The bhajans will end today evening at 6:00 pm. We received letters from devotees saying that they are also doing akhanda bhajana. So these bhajans are happening all around the world.

November 9th (5:00 pm)

Today the Akhanda Bhajana will start inside mandir. It will continue non stop till tomorrow evening. But the climate is not helping the cause, its almost non stop raining for two days. Which will make it harder for devotees to come to the bhajans, which will go on all night long.

November 5th (6:30 pm)

Click on it to see fireworks clipYesterday in mandir diwali was celebrated but in a different way. There was a musical program in the morning and in the evening there was speech by Swami. In which Swami talked about Love and other things. Swami also told the story of Narakasura (the evil king who was killed this day by Sathyabama wife of Lord Krishna and the celebrations which followed were called Diwali etc). There was no fireworks display in Puttaparthi, which was a bit disappointing because it would have been a great show. I cannot even remember when the last time this happened. So everything this diwali was different, fireworks, speech etc.

November 2nd (8:30 am)

Swami car going into mandirThis is the picture of Swami's car going to mandir, Swami went for a visit outside mandir today in the morning.

November 1st (1:00 am)

Finally the month that all the devotees look forward to has come. This month is special because our divine Swami was born in this month. There will be plenty of celebrations this month. The climate in Puttaparthi is very pleasant with that odd bit of rain in between its cold since its winter now. This month Puttaparthi will be busy with people and activities.

October 29th (4:00 pm)

Yesterday there was speech inside mandir, two student from Swami's schools spoke. One of the student was brindawan (white field). Before the speech there was a musical programme by the devotees, who sang bhajans. Swami later presented few of them with clothes.

October 26th (6:30 pm)

Today there was speech inside mandir, Swami's students spoke during the speech.

October 23rd (6:00 pm)

Today four students gave speeches, they all talked about how Swami helped them and their families through hard times. Out of the four speakers one of them was a lady, who is the student of Swami's women's college in Anantapur. All the Swami's schools have holidays now so all the students of Swami's schools and colleges can take part in these speeches.

October 22nd (1:00 pm)

Yesterday too there was speech inside mandir, in fact speeches might continue till October 29th. Two Swami's students spoke yesterday, they talked about their experiences and how Swami helped them when they were in trouble etc. The speeches were nice. They ended with the bhajans.

October 20th (9:00 pm)

Today too there was speech Swami's talked about Swami's childhood. Today was the day when Swami became an Avatar, today was the day when Swami left school and showed all the people that Swami was an Avatar. Many years back this was the day when swami wrote his name with flowers on the ground while the people watched in disbelief. This was the day when Swami revealed to the world the Avatar of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

October 20th (3:00 pm)

Today too there will be speech inside mandir at 4:00 pm, we are not sure if Swami will speak or not.

October 19th (7:00 pm)

Today evening there was speech in mandir, but Swami did not speak. Swami's translator Mr. Anil Kumar and others spoke. The speech was announced suddenly and was a surprise to most of the devotees.

October 16th (9:00 pm)

Yesterdays events concluded the celebration of Dasara. And now Puttaparthi is back to its Peaceful old self again. Most of the devotees have left Puttaparthi already. The next festival here in Puttaparthi is Diwali, the festival of light, which starts on November 4th.

October 15th (2:00 pm)

Swami went outside mandir today morningToday is Dasara so let me wish you "Happy Dasara" first. Here in Puttaparthi the crowd for the morning program was really full. Today the Yagna which was started a week back came to and end, in the end Swami sprinkled holy water which was blessed on Devotees, lucky few got that blessings. Swami's elephant also came for the morning program. The program ended with bhajans. Lucky we got a picture of Swami's car today morning when Swami went outside mandir. You can see Swami slightly in the picture if you look carefully. This is the closest thing we could do to get you a glimpse of Swami on this holy day.

October 14th (2:00 pm)

Devotees who just arrived in PuttaparthiUnfortunately the rains have not brought the water to Chitravathi River, but still there is one night to go so there is still a possibility. Then Yagna will go on for one more day before finally ending tomorrow. There will be Swami's speech today too. Devotees from all over India are arriving here. Here is the picture of a group which just arrived in Puttaparthi.

October 13th (9:00 pm)

Today was "Ayuda Pooja" which is the day when tools that are used for trade are cleaned and decorated and kept for pooja. Swami's cars and other things were kept for pooja. Evening there was speech by Swami in which Swami talked about how important it is to live a normal and simple life and make sacrifices for other people in order to achieve greatness.

October 12th (12:00 pm)

Yesterday evening too there was speech by Swami, Swami speech was very long yesterday. And it was raining all day long. The raining is a problem for the devotees but this is atleast keeping the temperature down which is a blessing in disguise.

October 11th (3:00 pm): Was it a coincidence or was there something more to it than that, last night we had a heavy rain in Puttaparthi. This will definitely bring some water into chitravathi river, which is part of the Dasara celebrations. Yesterday evening too there was speech by Swami and musical program by the students of Swami's musical institute. Today morning too Yagna continued, and in the evening there will be Swami's speech.

October 10th (3:00 pm): Today morning too there was Yagna in Kulwant hall. And there is Speech by Swami in the evening. Slowly the crowd is getting bigger and bigger. 

Swami Elephant leaving after the EventOctober 9th (9 am): Today morning the Kalasham was moved to Kulwant hall where the Yagna will continue till Dasara which is on October 15th. And in the evening Swami gave speech about Dasara.


October 7th (10 am): From today onwards the Dasara celebrations start. This festival will last up to October 15th. 15th will conclude a week long of celebrations of Dasara Festival, which is a big festival in this part of the region.Swami Elephant leaving after the Event Holidays are given to Schools and colleges all over India. In Puttaparthi too the devotees will start coming from today on by 15th there will huge crowd in Puttaparthi. Hoping to catch a glimpse of Swami and receive Swami's blessings on this holy day.


October 3rd (9:00 am): Yesterday evening at 3:00 pm there was a cultural program in mandir by students of "Potti Sri Ramulu University". They sang some devotional songs and Swami presented one of the member of group which performed with a gold chain. There were nearly five songs, in the whole program. After that evening Bhajans continued bring the evening to an end.

October 1st (8:00 am): We are trying to collect all the address of Sathya Sai Organization all over the world. So that other in your country or neighborhood can know about it. We have received so many letters asking for details of the Sathya Sai Organization in their area's, we could not answer them because there is no place to find that information online. So we want to build a database of all the Sathya Sai Organization in the World. So if you are a member of any Sathya Sai Organization or know any of the Sathya Sai Organization, please send us the address and e-mail id's. This will help those who want to find such places. send the details to this address prasanth@puttaparthi.com .