Sai Baba's hypocrisy...


Date: 02-13-02


Sathya Sai Baba, Exploring the Life and Work of India's Famous Guru

Document date: 02-08-02


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sb's hypocrisy... Sorry, I'm not available delta_108
2/8/02 12:18 am
See what Baba says in his speech of Christmas 2000 about the Govt not giving land..

>>It is not possible to educate the children if they are living in a different village. We wanted to keep them near and asked the government to allot a suitable piece of land. But they have not given us. How will they give any land to us, since they cannot get any votes from us? That is why I have stopped asking them. We have got our own orchard. I have decided to use that piece of land to construct houses for these poor families. I do not want any fruit trees<<

If there was no need for orchard, why did he have it in the first place ? If the need for building orphanages so much "pains" him, why can't he get rid of his 6 luxury cars and golden chandeliars and pay for land, instead of screaming at the Govt.

And guess what... at the time he was saying this, he had already "received" large amounts of land from the Govt to build the hospital he inaugurated in Bangalore a few days after that speech !!! What a total fraud !! and that too, in that speech he NEVER mentioned ONE word that the Govt gave land.

Read this...

"The Rs.64-crore hospital has been built in a record period of 16 months on a land provided by the State Government<<

And see what he says even now... he is asking the Govt for land, when he had loftily claimed he never asks ( actually he does steal, but hides the fact)

"Sai Baba said if the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Vilasrao Deshmukh, who was present at the function, offered free land, ``I shall build a super speciality hospital for Mumbai also""
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