Sai baba is detrimental to the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Date: September 28 - 2002

By: Ex-Baba


With a special heartfelt "Thanks!"for the translation and correction of this article and the letters, to Klaas and Jenny Knol from Holland  and to Robert Priddy from Norway.

Is there any talk of a possible circulation of the teachings of Sai Baba among the catholic faithful, who are, according to me, led to the 'shambles' like 'quiet lambs'?

I have put this question to cardinal A. J. Simonis, the most famous authoritative catholic cardinal from Holland:

1. Letter to cardinal A. J. Simonis, dated August 26-2002

Completing material which was not sent to Simonis:

2. Letter to cardinal A. J. Simonis, dated August 27-2002

A third new item to cardinal Simonis I sent by email. This concerned a cassette which I received recently,  on which pastor Bertus van Schaik tells about his experiences concerning a trip to India and his stay in the ashram of Sai Baba. High up in the plane on his way back to Holland he sighs while asking why Sai Baba and Jesus cannot join hands. He would be happy when these two holy men could form a unity for all faithful people. According to me, the pastor feels embarrassed by his love for Sai Baba with respect to his catholic faith. Moreover, listening to his argument, it seems to me that the way he talks about his work in the church is rather uninspired. And after all, according to me, his sense of inferiority is further strengthened by what he admits later in his speech, namely that he is more or less cold-shouldered, not only by his colleagues but also by the leaders of the church, because of his love for Sai Baba. But this subject seems to be ignored by him. Ultimately, however, as he himself says, 'no one can prevent him from his love for Sai Baba'.

Nevertheless, Cardinal Simonis clearly makes his stand against the Sai Baba problem, for I have sent both letters to him, he answers on September 17-2002: '...for the man at issue is very much detrimental to the Gospel of Jesus Christ'.

Original letter in Dutch:

Sai Baba is detrimental to the gospel of Jesus Christ

English translation:

Dear Mr. Ex Baba.

Thank you very much for your letters in which you wrote me about the Sai Baba group in the Netherlands. I am pleased that you left this group, for the man at issue is very detrimental to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't know the priest Van Schaik, about whom you write, but I will speak to his bishop about this problem.

With my best blessings, I remain in Christ,

(Signed: Adrianus Cardinal Simonis)

This letter clearly shows that the catholic church and its representative Cardinal Simonis are not happy with the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba in India.

Assuming that this resistance is present in most vested religions in the Netherlands, only two parties remain which put up a vigorous fight against each other, i.e. the devotees and the ex-devotees of Sai Baba. But though the number of opponents of the 'Godman from India' still remains in the minority, fortunately the internet gives the possibility nowadays for making the small group very powerful. They make themselves known via websites and bulletin boards across the whole world. The crumbling-away by this process cannot be stopped. The now overwhelming number of Sai Baba devotees is clearly diminishing all over the world, including in the Netherlands.

Nowadays it is very difficult to be a devotee and in fact is 'not done' in a period in which not only Sai Baba, but very many other gurus in the world have to contend with image problems, because of being charged with frauds and sexual abuse and though thinking all over the world about a God in India who has already been residing many decades (he is 76 now) in a kind of surrealistic Disney World, is not the biggest problem. Ceasing to be a 'devotee' is a far greater problem, because from the moment a devotee leaves his guru, he is attacked.

I wrote this letter so as to ask about the connection between the catholic church and that Godman in India. Are there any Roman Catholic priests in Holland who are devoted to Sai Baba? Is this allowed? Who do they worship now? Do they follow the path of the Pope, of God, of Jesus? Or the path of a second-rate juggler whose tricks cannot be compared with those of Hans Kazan? Or do they feel a certain link with this terrible Indian fellow?

Asking a question is answering it. Won't Roman Catholic followers, just like Van Schaik, be divided against themselves? And what happens with them when they find out that they are worshipping a godlike pederast and sexual abuser?

Not all of them are cast in the same mould, just like the Sai Baba devotee pastor Van Schaik, who is a dyed-in-the-wool follower of Sai Baba and who probably will put his head in the sand till the end. But can they get help from the same Catholic church to take them back like 'merciful Samaritans'?

So, the present-day believers have to choose which direction. The Pope from Italy or Sai Baba from India, the practicing pedophile? From the above-mentioned, it may be clear that every way to come to the deepening of our consciousness concerning our faith, including the Pope in Rome, is much better than the way which is followed by the disciples of Sai Baba, so don't be deceived by wonders, the romantic residence and impressive appearance of Sai Baba, he misleads the trustful common herd...

Ex Baba