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Date: Fri Jan 11
09:15:26 2007
Referred By:
Jeremy Taylor

How did anyone fall for the blandishments of a fat dude in an Afro in the first place...? The guy's a transparent fraud. The crap that people will worship and dedicate their lives to is incredible. Just promise em eternal bliss, and watch the suckers cough up the cash. Sweet.

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Date: Thu Dec
25 19:28:42 2007
Referred By:

Friends, I have no problem if Sathya Sai Baba is minting money through his trusts or is defrauding people (because frauds exist as long as gullible people exist to get defrauded!). My greatest concern is that this one man is doing all this in the name of "Sai Baba (obviously refers to Shirdi Sai Baba), and in the name of Vedic Dharma, and is bringing this great tradition down in the eyes of the world. As it is, about 950f people in India, walking around with ochre robes are fakes (and this includes many so called Sankarachaaryas)! As they say, the truly self-realized master rarely comes out of his cave. Swami Rama (author of Living with Himalayan Masters) once asked his Guru (simply called Bengali Baba), why he was not going into the cities to help suffering people; and, his Guru replied that Masters like him did not have to go to cities to help suffering people; they can do that sitting wherever they are. Ramana Maharshi was asked a similar question by Arthur Osborne, and the Maharishi said that for a truly self-realized master there is no distinction of space and time.

Shiridi Sai Baba, in whose name Sathya Sai Baba is running his whole business, showed how a true Sanyasi should live. He never built trusts, temples, schools or hospitals; he never saved anything for the morrow; despite getting lots of money and food (after he became famous), he just distributed all that by the end of the day to everyone, and the next morning he became the fakir that he always was and went and got his biksha to eat his meal. Yet, if he wanted temples, hospitals or schools built, he just influenced through his powers, the right people to do that for their community. Where is Shirdi Baba and where this Sathya Sai Baba?

I still wonder, why despite so much evidence against this Baba, no one is filing a Public Interest Litigation against the Baba. I know the fear that some may have is that powerful politicians and judges are his devotees. But, let me assure you that the Indian Judiciary is still one of the most independent institutions in the world, and there are judges who are honest and impartial and will deal with such a case without letting religious sentiments to come into it, provided the petitioners can prove all their allegations with strong evidence. I wish someone does that soon, to prevent more people being defrauded.

Comment: None could wish this more than those of us who have worked so hard to inform the world of the facts in this matter. Your faith in the Indian judiciary may not be entirely misplaced, but the experiences of rationalist Basava Premanand speaks to the contrary. He raised a petition against Sai Baba under the Gold Control Act and lost because the judges ruled that Sai Baba had himself materialised the gold! The same applies to the Supreme Court petition lodged in 2001 by Hari Sampath - it was thrown out summarily - and what is worse, the documents relating to the lodging of this petition were removed from the Supreme Court archives. However, the petitioning lawyer preserved a copy, which has been certified officially as genuine (see here). I not also that there is much criticism of the Indian judiciary in the relative few media outlets which dare to speak out and air serious concerns. I remind of the case in Delhi where a murder by a prominent person before many witnesses was not punished... a cardinal failure of justice. Moreover, the parents and loved ones of the students murdered in cold blood in Sai Baba's bedroom June 6 1993 never got any redress... they could not take a multi-billionaire guru to court with the police in his pocket and the Andhra Pradesh judiciary largely being his followers (and where the State Governor himself was once Sai Baba's car driver!).

When the Prime Minister and former Supreme Court Judge Bhagwati (who actually initiated the Court itself) wrote and signed an indefensible letter clearing Sathya Sai Baba of all allegations of sexual abuse, without a shred of evidence or a one single investigatory report... but just because the are devotees, how can you expect young men to stand up to confront Sathya Sai Baba and his minions - it means to face possible financial and professional ruin - and even being murdered -  to confront Sathya Sai Baba and his minions? Besides, victims of sexual abuse often take decades to come sufficiently to terms with the hurt that they cannot take on such pressure as public scrutiny (and attempted character assassination by an infamous muckraker on the Internet who attacks ever alleging victim out of hand). Abused Indian students of Sathya Sai Baba have contacted us (knowing whose side we are on and trusting our confidence and guarantees) and have explained the situation in detail. One contact even has a young man relative who was (unwillingly) sharing Sai Baba's bedroom nightly!

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Date: Sat Dec
01 02:22:31 2007
Referred By:

Just watched the BBC documentary you have on your site called The Secret Swami.  If Sai Baba molested their son then why did the family in the documentary keep all the gifts, which I believe they called a "box of bribes"?  If a family friend gave you lots of gifts then molested your child you wouldn't keep the gifts in a box in your shed would you?  I'm not saying the allegations aren't true, I just found this part of the film extremely weird.  God's ways truly are mysterious...

Comment from Exbaba Admin:

The Rahm family doubtless wanted to keep all the evidence of fake watches and rings which were not diamonds - as Sai Baba claims they are, and other things proving that they had been very close devotees before they learned what their son told them. This is because defenders of Sai Baba try their worst to cast all manner of doubt on the truthfulness of all dissenting ex-followers. I received an alleged "green diamond" of the large kind, which he has given to hundreds of persons.... it was a fake (synthetic sapphire with green tinfoil behind it to make it brighter), I kept it even after I had it assayed by the Queen of Denmark's official jeweller precisely because it is proof of his fraudulence and can be produced as such whenever required.

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Date: Fri Nov
26 20:54:12 2007
Referred By:

Interesting website. I have been a devotee of both Sai Baba and Shirdi Baba since birth and have luckily been to Shirdi and Parthi many times. I remain unconvinced by the conspiracy theories on the site as I have luckily never been molested by either Baba or anyone associated with the organisation. Today is his birthday - Happy Birthday Baba. Sadly every organisation has bad people in it who exploit positions of power. Humans can be very bad - that doesn't mean every other person is also bad. I've done many charitable works with them and my boyfriend who is a doctor and is NOT a devotee went with the London chapter around Sri Lanka after the tsunami and set up medical camps and helped many people. I'm luckily happy with my life and have other hobbies. I pray to God to help me whenever. Other people may get necklaces and rings from Baba which are material things and this doesn't bother me. I have better things to do with my time than come with a whole site of conspiracy theories looking up school records (which could also be fake). But best of luck for the future, but remember that those who condemn blindly are as bad as blind devotees.

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Date: Fri Okt
26 08:25:60 2007
Referred By:

This is a good job to reveal such bogus personality. This is an area of Quarrel & hypocrisy's philosophically blind peoples will not understand the difference between the supreme truth & the cheaters. By your site if only one person will understand this difference, then it is your grand success. I am sure that many people are understanding this difference. So, your site is successful.

"Religion without philosophy is blind faith & philosophy without religion is mental concoction."
One should understand that God does not come to this world to take out lingams from mouth after much painful process, nor He shows his cheap magic. Defination of the God is that, He should have six opulences. Ugly looking sai is not God but Dog. God never suffers from the birth, the death, the old age or the dieses. Dog sai is facing old age now.

Please don't waste your valuable time for such Dogs. To say God to such dogs is the great offence towards the Supreme GOD.

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Date: Thu Okt
25 11:33:21 2007
Referred By:
Loop Hole

ExDevotee. Thanks to this site and others on the web. It was difficult to think I had been Duped but after so much evidence about Fake Miracles, Oiling Young Boys Genitals against their will and threatning that their life will be full of hell if they tell anyone,  possible involvement in murders by SBO.

I'm glad that I'm out of the web of sb.

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Date: Thu Oct 05
01:04:14 2007
Referred By:

Dear people,

Today, as if by coincidence, I came across this website.
I have been reading your various comments; some relieved, some angry with a fierce loyalty.
After some deliberation I decided to share with you the following:
I am one of the youngest disciples of the Nazarene Jesus, I have been for the past twenty years.
In those twenty years He taught me many things, me and the fellow-disciples. I must tell you that He is very close and knowing Him personally means being hard to fool.
The truth of His word is of such tremendous power that the lie must show itself for what it is and then run and hide. this day and age the lie, knowing it has but little time, will and does indeed reach far and deep into the most precious realms of creation; men's heart and soul.
You see, the heart and soul are meant to spiritually focus on God and then do His will. By doing so, the spirit in men, which caries the likeness of God, can awaken and incorporate the soul.
The lie however, the counterforce, does not want this to happen.
So what does he do?
Well, he does what he has always done; he seeks to take God's place in the presence of men. Divert them.
And in this particular time he is aiming to prepare mankind for a one-world-religion. One where he will sit as king.
Do you think that being a disciple of Jesus means roaming in the dark? You are very much mistaken if you think that.
Know that we have clear vision on the many fronts where the counterforce is active in deceiving the people and believe me; he is most cunning and bold and it takes an awakened spirit to see his handiwork.
But please, do not feel a bitterness in your heart when you have the grace to see your own peril! For to take the lie for the truth is indeed a perilous plight.
Be as Paul who tells us to investigate everything and keep that which is good.
If you have ever watched the film 'the green mile' you will have heard John Coffey say; "It is always like that, he ensnares them with their love and through their love."
And that is a good and fair description of the handiwork of the counterforce.
You have all been deceived, ensnared through your love.
Your loving hearts that beat for the finding of her ultimate purpose; your spiritual awakening and reconnection with God, your creator and Father.
Yes, it is most painful to discover one has been deceived there where one is most open and full of trust and love, I know this, for I too was -almost- deceived by the man from India with the curly hair.
To my great fortune however, I was already a disciple of the Nazarene, but I simply hád to investigate this man who made such bold statements about I did.
Fourteen years ago, with open heart and mind I connected myself to his teachings and even went to a weekend-training-session.
There, during the first night of my stay there, I had a vision, most clear and bright, and most mysterious.
I had heard from many people who had strange encounters with him, so at first I thought it was his doing.
But common sense made me look deeper and I realized the vision had shown me this man as he really was, including the danger he presented to the heart and soul.
What inner activity I had in the had been used to protect me and show me a reality beyond the physical.
The next day I did take part in all the activities but my inner eye was opened.

Please, know that in this day and age the works of the counterforce are set against humanity as the pieces are set on the chessboard; and he means not to let anyone escape. He is going straight for the King.
He has nearly covered all political, social ánd religious fields.
In those, who call themselves 'Christians', the fruits of his labor are most painful, for there he seduces them that are closest to the Word.
But know also this; the disciples of the Nazarene are yet undetected by him, we watch and learn and gather strength and we help to bring light where it is wanted.
There is a war going on; the lie seeks to overthrow the Truth.
He thinks; 'if you can't beat it, join it!' and he deceives many.

It is a brave thing to be willing to give up everything for the gain of that which we believe in, but it takes even more courage to give up that which we believe(d) in for the sake of the truth.
Please know also that the power of the counterforce is drawn from the amount of 'yes' he gets.
In these last times it is up to each and everyone of us to distinguish lie from truth.
Do not feel sorry you invested your love in a wrong and unworthy thing. Hold to the thought that your heart is capable of love and has the courage to be true.
Do not simply believe, but use your God-given-common-sense.
As long as your soul is dependent you are easy prey.
Jesus leads our souls to such a level of insight and freedom, that we can't help but realize we depend on Him. But there is a difference.
Please be confident that you are totally able to see that difference.
A sheep that gets tangled in a thorn bush can not free itself, but it may loudly cry out for the shepherd to come and then He will free it.
Give your soul prayers to the One Who states; I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. None will come to the Father BUT THROUGH ME.
This is the final truth the counterforce seeks to eradicate; his whole mind is bend on that.
Do not aid him.
Open your eyes.
Be awake. Be brave.

The spirit that inhabits this man with the bushy hair in India is a mean and low one. I have seen him. One day, those of you who are not yet ready to look, wíll look and see it too.
This is a big fight, a big and final fight. Of course the counterforce will make it hard for us to detect his malice and deceit.
Be grateful to those who have the courage to unmask the lie, to rip the veil. Imagine théir loss, a loss some of you are not willing to contemplate even! Your loyalty is beautiful but I know One Who deserves it all.
And it is not Sai Baba, not Maitreya, not a fleet of intergalactic starbrethren in orbit, not a one-world religion, not a one-world-government, not any prophet, no '...sofy or ...isme'
For to catch one who deems himself high and mighty, one seemingly small and weak will do.
We belong to That Small and Weak One.

I am glad to see, after all these years, the cracks in this 'house of love'
It is self-love and must crack!
Do not feel sorry, just crack along and move on.
Your destiny still awaits you.

Every move on the chessboard is depicted in the Bible. Why else do you think the counterforce tries to replace the Bible with books that use the same words, but all backwards and upside down.
Why do you think he wants you all to believe hím?
Do you not know that he seeks to live the easy life, the rich life, the glorified life?
Never done a hard days work ever!

It is up to us! We need to wake up and stop this deceit.
Jesus is very close and help will come to anyone who feels the will of his heart and soul draw to the Truth, the Way and the Life. Only by striving for Truth may we weaken the counter force's hold on us. O how surprised you would all be if you knew, if you sáw the present situation on earth.
Learn to read the Bible! Not from some Christian teacher, but straight from Him. Want it, will it, do it.
It is written in a very specific language. The language of the spirit. With material words. Naturally the counterforce gives himself away immediately when he tries to use these words to concoct explanations of his own. Learn to see the difference. It is most important, most important!

Bless you in His spirit.


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Date: Thu Sep
23 02:15:52 2007
Referred By:
Sashank Pillay

Wow, I can't believe that all this is true. You guys have really opened my mind. I have been born to a Sai family, and have been exposed to all Sai conforms. And most people in here are saying that Sai Baba is a fraud. Well done, guys !

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Date: Sun Sep
23 09:52:31 2007
Referred By:

I visited SSB in India and perhaps it was my 'western' skepticism that prevented me from having a personal interview with him which was somewhat of a disappointment.  I did notice his very obvious interest in the young students and if the truth be told I was more taken with the 'true' spirituality of Shirdi Sai!!

I still cannot believe I was so gullible.  As one of my friends said when these allegations surfaced 'Thank God I'm an atheist'!!

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Date: Fri Sep
21 10:22:41 2007
Referred By:

Hi Guys,

Thanks for posting those videos online...
I am an Indian myself and tell you what, I don't know if you guys know this or not, many Indians don't believe in him, they think he is a liar. But they don't have the guts to talk and nothing to prove. But I know there are a loooot of them who don't think of him as any shit.

But at the same time, there are a lot who believe, but its somewhere near 50-50.

At least persons like Baba should be eye opener for all the world to rethink where to see GOD.
Good that such things has come into light. I still don't understand how can a person who does everything similar to any other human being be considered as GOD.

Anyway... Good job for keeping those videos available...
Some devotees are so blind that they want to support their blind beliefs.

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Date: Sat Sep 8
06:11:31 2007
Referred By: A Sai Hater

See this newsitem on (cache) last sentence of the article:

"He (Chief Minister of TamilNadu, India) also said that during a recent meeting with Sri Sathya Sai Baba, he had requested the latter's assistance to modernise and clean the Cooum river."

The Cooum river is well known for it's terrible stench. It is a dirty, filthy river.What a fitting task for Asathya Sai Baba!

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Date: Sat Sep 01
05:47:25 2007
Referred By:

I just checked out your website today after a long gap and glad to know you're keeping up the good work!

I was forced into becoming a "devotee" of one such conman recently by my relatives as I suffered series of tragedies in my life. They thought they were helping me out... but I was molested by this man repeatedly sometimes in front of my daughter. Even today I have nightmares of this. It takes courage to speak about it. I am not ashamed as it is not my fault.
I tried to start a blog that would expose such fraud but failed as I received hate mails and didn't have the courage to go on.

I read in your guest book someone says this website is by cowards... Well the cowards are actually the devotees who are afraid to face struggles in life and/or are looking for "success and prosperity" through "magic". The makers of this website are the courageous lot.

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Date: Wed Aug 28
10:50:42 2007
Referred By:

Guys, if all those videos that showed him cheating have been removed citing copyright infringement, why you don't send the material aired on TV (no copyright infringement there or 99 % of the videos on You Tube should be considered illegal). Also send the molested guy interview on You Tube, that is definitely something that wasn't published and copyrighted by the filmmakers... The world must know the truth and who he really is!!!

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Date: Mon Aug 11
11:50:31 2007
Referred By:

I´ve been a devote for more than 10 years. But many time ago, I realize that Baba couldn´t be God. His own books gave me the answer. Contradictions, wrong data, fake prophecies, etc.

The only time I dream about him, (I was 25 years old aprox.), he was trying to kiss me in the mouth. Sai says that when someone dream of him, is by his will. That´s now make me think.

All those followers of Baba, must remember that Jimmy Jones, David Koresh, and others "saviors" had their followers and that the personal experiences (mental, spiritual, astral, etc), are only this, personal. You can find this kind of things in any spiritual group. But now, we know that many "miracles" are only "abracadabras" and tricks.

Any way I know that many devotees will continue following baba (is hard to brake such a relationship of faith), and explaining that sucking baba penis and accepting  him to brake our ass, is a form of Divine Love......

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Date: Thu Aug 02
16:10:45 2007
Referred By:

New Polish expose site !

I hope my page will give a fresh look on Sai Baba. Years ago already there were articles in news papers and broadcastings on television with much material about Baba, since then people have found out who Sai Baba really is; an old Indian molester and a fraud !

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Date: Sun Jul 01
08:10:41 2007
Referred By:

First of all, great work guys. I am not a devotee or a ex-devotee of sathya sai blahblah.  The thing about sathya narayana raju (sai baba's real name) is that his tricks are obvious and anybody with a little common sense can smell a rat from a mile away. However, you cannot under estimate the stupidity of people (especially Indian people lately). Where else but in India
do you see temples being built for film actors?

I hope Sathya Raju gets tried in a court of law. All his organization's assets should be distributed to the poor where it really belongs.

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Date: Thu Jun 28
08:51:27 2007
Referred By:

I just do not understand why this site is giving such an unjustified and unnecessary importance to Sathya Sai Organization (SSO) or the claims by its members! Personally, I (more than) believe even in India less than 10% (today, may be even less than 5%) of people are so called 'Sai devotees'. The chances these percentages increase any further are zero to none! Even though the devotees of Sathya Sai baba claim that he is the incarnation of the previous avatar Shirdi Sai, today majority of Shirdi Sai devotees do not accept that. Indeed, there is a court case filled and pending in India by these devotees that SSO is misusing Shirdi Sai name, although the economic and political muzzle the SSO can exercise may not allow the courts to resolve on this issue! If that is the situation "worrying" that Sathya Saibaba (& SSO) "converts/transforms" all humanity to become his devotees and to accept him as the God/Avatar of the Age is laughable. I like many other Indians prefer to ignore this cultish organization long ago!

Home Page:
Date: Tue Jun
19 11:14:15 2007
Referred By:

Sai baba is a fraud and a child molester. His organization is a shame. It is supported by yes-men, and politicians who use it to sway the masses. Blind devotion leaves you powerless and numb. Be a critical thinker and see for yourself via research what this man is. A deluded monster, murderer, who has been given the gift of being well-spoken, adapting a religion for his own devices!

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Date: Mon Jun 12
15:52:41 2007
Referred By:

A close friend of mine is a Sai Baba devotee (his parents have been all of their lives; there are thousands of Telegus like that). He believes in every word of Sai Baba; but some of what Sai Baba says is clearly not known to be true yet, e.g., there is no life on any other planet.

Anyway, two years back I attended a meeting of Sai Baba devotees in upstate New York, and a guy who has worked in his ashram was giving a talk. When I entered the room in the Indian temple where the meeting was being held, I noticed that the speaker could not take his eyes off me. I know I am good looking, and it was clear he was making a pass at me. After reading these stories, I am wondering: could it be that a number of people who work at this Ashram are also pedophiles, and on the lookout for attractive young men? I find it hard to believe that story after story about Sai Baba's molesting of men can be made up. There must some truth in it.

I am worried for my friend, because he sincerely believes in this "god-man." He believes his marriage was also blessed by Sai Baba, but his marriage is not working well now.  He is trying to make it work, however, because of his faith in Sai Baba. It is sad.

Comment from Exbaba Admin

No life on any other planet? We don't know if that is so at this very moment, we have no prove of that, who knows there may be ?

Pedophiles in the ashram in India ? Of course there are such people in that ashram looking out for young special boys, but what you have experienced with the guy from the ashram, we really can't give you an appropriate answer to that, don't you let your mind too easily slip away, stay on your feet, and  judge the situation for yourself, only having your own ideas about what happened.

The thing we want to make clear is about the actions of Sai Baba himself, who is according our opinion a gay pedophile, spiritual and financial fraud of the worst sort.

Here is what Dr. John Hislop said and what Sathya Sai replied, as recorded in the well-known book  'Conversations with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba', page 164.
 H(islop): " ... Science says there are many planets where there will be much the same life." Sai: In all the universe there is no other planet that has human life, or a similar life form.
Later, in 'My Baba and I' (p.225-6) Sai said "All life may flow toward God. Even frogs in a pond and insects."
[Dr. John Hislop}:JH: "But Swami, that is life in this world. I mean life elsewhere in the universe."
Sai: "... The question about life in the universe arises because you project your own particular circumstances. You feel that other ways of life would be intolerable for you. In the hot, blazing  Sun, for instance, beings are living. This life exists in circumstances considered to be intolerable by you. Elsewhere in the Universe, life feels it is Divinity, is one with Divinity, and is quite happy, and feeling all is right."
Admin. - further comment: What kind of talk is THAT! However, that some form of life will be found to exist outside earth is highly likely, according to one of the world's recognised most foremost geneticists, Richard Dawkins. Dawkins makes a calculation of the chances of the same basic conditions for life as exist on earth to show, in summary, that " earlier calculation demonstrated that even a chemical model  with odds of success as low as one in  a billion, would still predict that life would arise on a billion planets in the universe." He also points out that "a chemical model need only predict that life will arise on one planet in a billion billion to give us a good and entirely satisfying explanation for the presence of life here."

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Date: Sat Jun 02
10:29:24 2007
Referred By:

Hi to one and all -- Well -- I'm neither a devotee or non devotee I am simply a person who has transcended mind and emotion a bit and can look at things and events from a very detached point of view you might say - any Way some observations !!!

1. Sai BaBa has declared many time I have come to stir the pot  of ego mind and personality and I can't think of any thing better to do so than Sex and sexual attachment  and the limited knowledge and perception we have about sex  to do this:

Because - As long as human beings identify them selves as only SEXUAL beings or bodies only  - Humanity will stay stuck in physicality favor eternity -

Sai Baba fakes miracles ??? Sure !!! He is driving those away who only want entertainment and not enlightment or liberation !! (Again this is an observation) !!  

3.  BaBa really cheats at creating flowers !! I mean he just focuses
the image of the flower He wants from the divine mold or space where the flower exist in the monadic World and then brings it down into a physical actuality - A real permanent living flower !!

4.  Well this is cheating- The plant consciousness and Divine Mother is doing all the work - He is just setting the creative process in motion for manifestation

- Bad Sai Baba BAD BAD BAD !!!!! (An opinion)

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Date: Wed May 23
06:17:35 2007
Referred By:
Patricia Cowan-Wilson

Thank you for making this information available. I was interested in becoming a devotee of Sai Baba and believing that he had transcended the ego, thought he would be a guru for me.

I immediately knew you were speaking truth about Sai Baba and I am very thankful to have been spared disappointment and grief at some time in the future.

The old addage "Action speaks louder than words." still stands.

Love and inner light,

Stockton, CA, USA

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Date: Mon May 21
08:05:41 2007
Referred By:
Freddy Nielsen

I was a member of a cult, even the first western disciple of Sai Baba's colleague, Kalki Bhagavan. I think we who are victims to fast spreading or popular sects could cooperate.

I always share about the dangers of Sai Baba. If you want to visit the Kalki Bhagavan exposed site, please visit As far I know, it is the only real website exposing this extremely fast spreading false prophet.

Best of wishes

Freddy Nielsen

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Date: Sun April 22
08:30:42 2007
Referred By:

Having read a book about Sai Baba some years ago, and after speaking to my neighbour whose son has been missing for about 18 months, during a trip to India. I wondered if perhaps he got caught up with Sai Baba or some other Guru, and seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth, his name is RYAN CHAMBERS, of course his name would have been changed to something else. He is from Mount Gambier in South Australia. His parents and brother have been to India twice, to search for him but have had no success. If anyone in cyberspace knows anything about Ryan, please let us know, as soon as possible.

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Date: Thu April 13
09:55:31 2007
Referred By:

You search on You Tube and you will now not find even a single video critical of him. All those videos that showed him cheating have been removed citing copyright infringement. So why are not those videos which sing praises of him removed from the site. Don't they infringe the copyright by the same logic.

Comment from Exbaba Admin

Thanks for your efforts ramneek ! Yes, you have a point, but they are free to determine their choice to delete materials, or to decide what is logical or not, it is beyond our responsibility what kind of logic they use.

Home Page:
Date: Thu April 13
09:12:31 2007
Referred By:

I had posted a video(taken from this site) on You Tube showing this person called "sai baba" cheating by producing gold necklace out of air, which actually was done by using sleight of hand. This guy is a fraud and to cover up his acts he issued a copyright infringement notice to You Tube to remove the video i had posted. And You tube duly complied.
And i notice this has been done to all the videos that were critical of him on the You Tube. The only ones left now are the ones singing praises of him.

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Date: Thu April 05
02:05:25 2007
Referred By:
Withheld for legal reasons

I was one of probably dozens of children sexually abused by a Sai Baba follower. Anyone that thinks that this kind of behavior is acceptable from a "loving god" is not sick, but selfish and wicked. I don't feel sorry for them, I only await their destruction in the war of my God that being Armageddon.

People need to be warned that these followers are taught that child sex abuse, especially on boys it seems, is acceptable in this faith. Its sickening and they should be castrated. I'm lucky. Because I was a girl, the man that "lovingly" assaulted me wasn't really interested in what he could do to me but me rather what I could do for him. For the boys involved at the same time, however, this was not the case.

Love is not sex with children.

Stay Away - Stay Awake!  

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Date: Tue April 04
05:00:03 2007
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Freaked Out

Hi, I got to know about SSB from a friend in Singapore, after reading numerous articles about him. And I find that his "self-proclaimed" divinity and also "incarnation of God on earth" contradicts to my beliefs which is Islam. In Islam, we believe that "there is no god except Allah" and this is great enough to tell me that he's some kind of a conman or he's using black magic. And it's still a big question why some Muslims thinks he's "Imam Mahdi" and a devotee? Have they got the facts poisoned by this guy??

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Date: Thu March 16
09:01:03 2007
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hi everybody

i really appreciate the work done by u guyz to expose tis son of a bitch. He is a pervert, homo sexual, money thirsty shemale. he did some good work by producing water to some villages but they were the funds given by some other goes to them.

reveal the real identity of this gay person. Make India better.


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Date: Tue March 13
06:53:24 2007
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hi friends

if there is god in human form its ur parents... nobody else can claim to be gods... i had seen people running behind these people and falling as prey.. stop this atleast now and rather spend ur money on educating poor students...


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Date: Wed March
07 06:35:42 2007
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hello everyone i realy appreciate u people for copming with the science. even i know some of the miracles how people do it with scientific reasons. if u r interested kindly dont hesitate to contact me.

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Date: Tue Feb
20 09:09:13 2007
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Hello! I am an atheist and I had known all the time that if GOD is a question mark, what more men who think that they are one or who claim that they have remarkable powers.  Everything is ruled by science and I was amused at how people can be so obsessed with the biggest con of the century... call it the biggest delusion of the world!

This had strengthened my grip on atheism, and practical and logical thinking.
If you have anything more amusing to show, please bring it on.


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Date: Tue Feb
20 06:10:41 2007
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Cate Murray

May the one true God bless all of you. I too am a former devotee but a very grateful Christian. I had heard ugly rumors for some time, but Tal Brooke's book "Avatar of Night" and the Holy Spirit finally convinced me that some, if not all, the rumors were true. I pray for the present devotees and late members of my family who died with Baba's name on their lips. I am the niece of Camille Svensson, a Sanscrit scholar, who translated several scriptures for Baba. I am also a writer. Do you know if any former devotee needs any help with writing their own story?

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Date: Wed Feb
14 14:33:1625 2007
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GR Rajesh Kumar

Dear Fellows

I think what we are doing at present to spread this information is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. We must spread this information like anything and save youngsters getting into emotional troubles due to this sexual psycho.

I am planning to start a separate website about saibaba exposed. I need all your support. It would be helpful if you can volunteer me with the content, etc.

Please do contact me at


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Date: Wed Feb
14 01:15:25 2007
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Arvind Kumar

Sai baba is a known pervert and a pedophile. And it surprises me how powerful this criminal has become that he got away with his crimes for so long. Sai baba is the well known god-man, but there are scores of them in India with a few stepping activities in the west as well who pop up and disappear as frequently as a common mushroom. And it baffles me that that lots of westerners fall for these god-men, sadhus and other assorted criminals, perhaps pointing to the secular emptiness within their own lives and societies.

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Date: Sun Feb
11 18:14:24 2007
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Subal Saini

A very good and impressive effort to unmask the charlatan...the so called baba...Plz advertise more about the site so that more and more people can be saved by the crook!!I dont know when ppl will realize that there is no thing as a miracle and when will ppl stop worshipping crooks!!!

Keep up the good work..and if there is anything that can be done from my side...u know where to contact...

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Date: Sat Feb
03 19:18:31 2007
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Narendra Nayak

We have been leading a campaign against ssb and his so called miracles. As of now, a very powerful movement is coming up against him in Tamilnadu. He came to Chennai and performed a yaga and M.karunanidhi a avowed rationalist met him and discussed. We don't know what. He then started praising him. We have started a campaign against that. The periyar drvaid kazagam has made condensed version of the secret swami in Tamil and copies are going like anything.

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Date: Mon Jan
22 06:17:52 2007
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firmly on the ground

your website is simply wonderful... too bad that many in India (and other places too) refuse to wake up and see the filth they are in. recently, NDTV ( carried a program on SSB on their channel in 'we the people' series. this program is hosted  by award winning journalist Barkha Dutt. this particular episode was aired sometime late 2006 or early 2007. it would be wonderful if you could provide a copy of that video on your website.

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Date: Mon Jan
22 12:38:52 2007
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Susan Vas Dias

Thank you for your website.  It has helped me in the healing process.

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Date: Sat Jan 13
08:07:31 2007
Referred By:
Victor George


I would like to say that sai baba is a *censored* and not a saint. we should take necessary steps to preach the fellow devotees in India and abroad regarding this *censored* fraud *censored*.

Let us unite to *censored* this *censored*...

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Date: Thu Jan 11
03:48:24 2007
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Pinaki Ghosh

Thanks for all those videos. I am carrying the article & a link to this site (with credits & thanks) in my site The Freethinker. It is being seen by 1300 visitors daily & has created ripples in India.

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Date: Wed Jan 03
04:01:25 2007
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Duncan Roads

Thank God more and more people are waking up to the fact that Sai Baba is a rapist and a pedophile.

If only more Sai Baba 'believers' would examine both sides of the debate and see for themselves, but they are obviously too afraid of learning that they have been conned.

Thus these 'true believers' still have major ego problems, else they would be able to read and confront the ugly truth of their deception.

Duncan Roads
Nexus Magazine