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Date: Saturday, October 15, 2011 20:15 PM
Name: From Exbaba Admin

In future, only mailforms which give a full name and home town location will be posted, with a valid e-mail address as well. This is because devotees who want to snipe at dissidents and critics and are unwilling to stand up for their opinions re below any serious consideration. Such a policy goes further in liberality than any Sathya Sai website, which without exception always exclude every single critical voice


Shiv's and Anad's contributions are trashed, because they are spreading unconfirmed rumours, which mislead our readers.

Date: Thursday, October 13, 2011 12:23 AM
Name: From somebody from England:

Robert Priddy claimed that when he was a devotee of the Indian Guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba, he shared a telepathic and psychic connection to him. So convinced was Robert Priddy of Sai Baba's inexplicable psychic abilities, he documented several of his alleged experiences in his Pro-Sai Book, Source Of The Dream:

Source Of The Dream Page 68: I formulated my prayer in words, including just what sadhana or spiritual practices I would promise to carry out in the future if my condition should allow it. On this I concentrated as deeply as I could, in silence and with eyes closed, for perhaps 30 minutes.
When I felt it time to open them and look, there was Baba, twenty-five yards off, instantly turning on his heel and hurrying over toward me. Coming close, he fixed me with one sympathetic brown eye as if to say, Agreed then? and the stopped to stand firmly and wave his right hand. A dozen hands shot out eagerly from all around me. He beckoned me to put mine out and then his own easily found a space through the jumble of outstretched hands as if they were simply not there. The very fine-grained vibuthi fell down exactly into my palm. Sai Baba flicked his thumb, and I saw it send a large speck onto the hand of a tall Swedish boy beside me, with whom I had become acquainted during our stay there. I could not see that so much as a grain was spilled!

Comment from Exbaba Admin:

We asked Robert Priddy if he would like to comment on this. He replied as follows:

It is interesting to read what I wrote over 25 years ago when I was in the first flush of enthusiasm for Sathya Sai Baba. The incident was the first in which he had taken direct notice of me. My way of describing it was obviously influenced by the mass of mistaken beliefs I then had absorbed from dozens of books, films and personal stories as well as my on dreams and interpretations of all events possibly related to him. That is the standard "honeymoon blindness" that very many new devotees experience.

That it seems auspicious that he was coming towards me when I opened my eyes now seems rather ordinary, and even the fact that he looked at me was not unnatural, but he said nothing. It was no doubt entirely my expectation - 'my wishful thinking' - that he thereby expressed agreement to my silent suggestion of a 'deal'. Many who wait at darsan were meditating, directing their wishes at Sai Baba, hundreds also always tried to give him letters with their problems, wishes and questions etc. However, I have never denied that Sai Baba had very strong intuition and possibly direct telepathic abilities. That his hand delivered the ash to mine is nothing unusual, despite other hands... there are very often many nearby who stretch out their hands hoping for some ash - Sai Baba often gave to more than one at a time. (I now know he crushes a tablet - made on a vibuti tablet-pressing machine he keeps private but which has been seen by students). The tablet was concealed on his person (sometimes even in his mouth, making the ash wet!) or was received from the man who regularly took the letters he was collecting, as can be seen on film). Obviously he could select who he wished to receive it and avoid others. No problem!

As to the Swedish boy sitting beside me, his surname was Glad, and later he became one of the most interviewed boys... loaded down with trinkets Sai Baba claimed to have materialized. That boy became more and more disturbed - I was at an interview where he was in the private room alone with Sai Baba and the doors firmly closed for over 5 minutes. When they came out, Willie Glad look anything other than his surname suggested! Later, when he left Sai Baba permanently, I was informed by a person who knew him well that he had been sexually abused many times by Sai Baba.

Robert Priddy

Hi, friend how are you? after a gap, i am writing this. I got an e-mail today saying that Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared infront of primary school students in His white rob. It happened individually and also group. Lord Jesus said Mark 10:1,2,3 "May little children come to me.. Kingdom of God is theis". This is true..

Comment from Exbaba Admin:

... it takes a lot of time to debrief after a severe psychological illness ...

Date: Mon Jun 20, 00:56:59
Name: Scott Odell

Todays news shows van had one bag of money with about 35,000 of rupees which is less than $1,000 us, sounds like a petty thief.... and driver was alone. Stop exagerating everything all the time.

Date: Fri Jun 10, 23:18:06
Name: Nicole Gesualdo

I am hoping that the exploitation of all humans ends. It is tragic. I am happy for this site.

Date: Wed May 11, 04:22:51
Name: Anurag Raj

I have read the postings on this website. Sai Baba may well have been a fraud and I'm not defending him.  But your atheistic, 'rationalistic'views and your suggestion that all gurus and avatars are false-all this does not furnish suitable food for the soul. I used to admire rationalistic movement since it was exposing fake gurus.  But when its adherents became fanatic in their rationalism, I lost all faith in the movement.

Date: Sun May 1, 08:13:52
Name: Kalki

Sathya Sai Bab's false prediction about rebirth of Swamy Vivekananda Sai Baba is very honourable. But some major mistakes in the predictions of His longevity and reincarnation of Vivekananda. He informed that Nalin Sedera in Sri Lanka is the reincarnation of Swamy Vivekananda and he will come to live in the Prashanti Nilayam ashram in the year 2021. That is the year in which Sathya Sai Baba has announced he will leave His body.More information and details in the book: "Sai Inner Views and Insight", Chapter 10: "The Rebirth of Vivekananda" by Howard Murphet, Faber, VA, Leela Press, 1996, pp. 60- 66.for details, visit:

In ancient Nadi palm leaves gives the correct information about the Reincarnation of Swamy Vivekananda written by Agasthya Maharshi in Aadi Tamil stanzas. Arulvadivayi Nintriduveer Ayyanpadam (2):1:1 Adithozhudhu Makanshanthi Deviyanum (2):1:2 Erulvara Enaiketta AnmbuDevi (2):1:3 Virodikirurthu Andathile Thelinthinkal (1):3:3 Vilambidave Irubanyen Sheyinvaram (1)3:4  Evanthanakku Gopakumar Namamkandu (2):1:4 Kandupin Akhilananda Swamiyaki (2):2:1 Kooridave Dashamavatharam Kalkiyinnal(2):2:2 Vannamathai Ramakrishna SaradaEentror (2):2:3 Palamudane Nulayvum Muppanshulsarve (2):2:4 Parkmakan MunnUzham Vankadeyam (2):3:3 Balakanum NarendraDutta Earperkandu (2):3:4 Kandupin Vivekanandan Entrumari (2):4:1 KalaiGuru GuruPatniyum EentrorNamamahi (2):4:2 Kalamathil Nanalaithen Athaninpinne (1):14:1 Kalkiyenum Avatharam Ithukalathil (1):14:2 Summary: Date of birth: 14th December 1971 i.e. 28th of Thel Month in Virodikirurthu Year (of Tamil Calendar). Birth star is Swathi (Chothi, 15th Lunar asterism). 

His name Gopakumar. After that became Akhilananda Swamy. Now while informing, Name: Kalki. Important Position: Dashamavatharam (Tenth incarnation of God Mahavishnu). (The name Gopakumar was changed as Akhilananda Swamy with signature as per Kerala Gazette dated 6th July, 1999 and then again changed as Kalki with signature as per Kerala Gazette dated 11th January, 2000. No initial. Present Name: Kalki). Parents name is Ramakrishna and Sarada. Nadi palm leaves read at the age of thirty three.

The recent previous incarnation of Kalki was in Bengal (Vankadeyam). Born as Narendra Dutta, later changed as Vivekananda and the name of Guru and Guru Patni (Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsar and Sarada Devi) are same as that of the parents of this birth. At that time, I called Him back. After that, presently, in this time, Swamy Vivekananda reincarnated as Kalki (from Dashmavathara Kalki Charitham Nadi Thaliyolakalil.Malayalam. Kalkipuri Publication).

See this video: Visit:

Date: Sat April 30, 20:12:57
Name: FOM Reseacher

Do you know of Steve Hassan and his Freedom of Mind Center?

I am writing you today (as a Freedom of Mind researcher) to ask you to put a link to our page, on yours.

This would be in the interest of helping those who are looking for opposing points of view on various categories; you can find a lot of great resources there, and we could as well add some of your links to FOM's directory of resources.

Since our site has recently been redesigned, my sense is a lot of people haven't seen the new version yet.

Please visit the Freedom of Mind Center at

Bidding you a good weekend, I extend to you in advance my sincerest gratitude and very best regards.  Respectfully submitted,


Date: Sat April 30, 11:42:20
Name: Harry

Now SSB passed away. All the allegation against him also buried with his coffin. Do you continue this web site or terminate it? many of my collegues and devotees are posing this question? What news can come even from Puttaparthi?

Regarding the Age of SSB Intl Sathya sai Organisation published the article about the lunar calender.

Comment from exbaba admin:

Now that this fake Avatar has left his devotees, there must be a site on the internet. which offers answers to questions Baba deliberately refused to give.

Date: Fri April 29, 09:37:50
Name: Harry


Comment from exbaba admin:

A fallen Avatar remains a fallen Avatar, even if he's dead, blind he was during his live, blind he is after...

Date: Fri April 29, 03:14:47
Name: Srini
Comments:Fake baba and it's good day for India.

The trust money should go to poor people and develop the country rather building temple of sai baba. It would be shame to build temple for these people. He died now therefore no shame now to expose and stop all the other babas in india.
Why only incarnation of God happens only in India not in any other country ? Is the God think india is the world ? Is it not a fake to motivate people ? Why the god expect donations from people ? why needs to open a trust in his name ?
There are lot of things to say. I can be better philosopher them and ask people to love others. Why didn't he do the same thing ? why did the people killed in 1993 his ashram who came to kill him ? Why didn't he save them ? If he is really God man then why didnt away from investigations always. Is these not questions to think ? Why baba give gold rings, chains only to rich politicians ? WHy baba give holy ashes to poor always ? Is it not surprising ? Did baba ever try to stop corrupted people in India ? Is baba ever try to stop corrupted politicians going into his ashram ?
All political parties go behind these fake babas to get their devotee votes nothing else and save them to get political chair.
 Save India and help poor in India. Develop the country instead of these fake things. Get the money out of trust and build infrastructure roads, water facility, planned city, centralize all offices and administration etc. Its huge money we can make India gold with that kind of money atleast few states if not all.
Media should help poor people in India to save them from these fake babas. India is below poverty country thats they believe in all these things, thinking good will happen to them and they will get money from God to live happily.
Save India and Save poor people.

Date: Thu April 28, 20:16:05
Name: Zanzu

1. Merdosi. Chiudete questo sito se avete ancora una coscienza. Vi credete meglio di Sai Baba?

2. Sai Baba Ŕ morto e voi rimarrete in eterno delle merde in forma umana

Risposta exbaba admin:

1. Questo sito resterÓ aperto per chi vuole conoscere la veritÓ su Baba.

2. Sicuramente voleva dire: "Sai Baba Ŕ morto, e sarÓ per sempre perire nella merda umana.

Date: Thu April 28, 12:19:36
Name: Zanzu

Today's news. Swamiji from soth India alledged that there is a conspirarcy in SSB's death.

Somebody ordered 2 months back the coffin where SSB is body kept for darsan. He also told reporters to conduct an enquiry with CBI.

Sate: Tue April 26, 21:35:23
Name: Kees

The Dalai Lama said Monday he was saddened by Sai Baba's passing. "I would like to convey my condolences and prayers to all the followers, devotees and admirers of the late spiritual leader," the Tibetan Buddhist leader said in a statement.


Date: Tue April 26, 19:45:05
Ajith Panicker

The Black money to white money converter of Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats died.

Good news for all tax payees


Date: Sun April 24, 13:16:47

YESSS, he is dead!! what a beautiful day!!

Date: Sun April 24, 11:43:41
Kees Kromme

It is so far Baba died, but if really the first day of eastern or earlier? While eastern would be of course for thebabatrust more remarkable.

Date: Fri February 11, 13:34:08
Aviva Sheb'a

Well done, Barry and other SB debunkers. May truth indeed prevail.

Date: Sat February 05, 21:47:09

Godmen like him should be banned. They fool gullible and superstitious people of India. They are powerful people with crores of money and you cannot utter a word against them. He is a pedophile and some idiots still worship him. Shame on you.