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Date: 2017-05-02 03:02:11
: Anonymous

There is a website devoted to Sai Baba's student - turned cult leader Sai Maa.

Date: 2017-05-01 08:28:0:46
: Emma

Im trying to find out what can be done to stop this group which is very destructive and sinister??? What is going on that a Cult like this is allowed to continue??? This Cult has no respect to family's. I have spoken to many people who have been affected by this Cult called SAI MAA and all I have heard is that they can't stop her and that no one can do anything to stop her. This community is large and is in Naples, FL Denver, CO Philadelphia, PA Albany, NY Montreal, QC, Canada Brussels, Belgium Galway, Ireland Westminster, CO San Diego, CA Scottsdale, AZ Westminster, CO Miami, FL Encinitas, CA. The community of Sai Maa are crooked destructive thieves with idiots who promote a fake Guru who reports to be the fem supremacy Guru who on the surface appears to be very benign but underneath that surface she promotes cutting off ties with family members & friends if they don’t agree with there arguments about Sai Maa. She defends the practice of cutting off ties with family and using the excuse that these students were abuse by there parents. Sai Maa sells you this vision of a perfect community. It is anything but. Her corrupt influence runs deep along with her pursuit of profit.

One Journey of Profound Healing Just course one of many courses cost

The program is limited to 30 participants.

$4,950.00 x 30participants = $ 148,500 FOR A WEEK

5 Journey of Profound Healing over the next few months

5 x $ 148,500 =

$ 742,500

Even on her website if you go under sponsor you can see where if you make a $1800 monthly payment you can choose from package such as, if you want advancement in your career, love in your marriage, for $5000 your entire coorp will be blessed. Its total Bullshit yet many people are falling for it.

I watched Sai Maa very carefully for 3 years and I could see how she reacts towards anything that induces an emotional feeling she would actually view this with suspicion, she also tries to control the conversations very really letting anyone finish what they were feeling and if she did you could see she felt awkward & uncomfortable. The practices at Sai Maa are really inappropriate and not to mention morally reprehensible. I was introduced to Sai Maa by one of her students or devotees, at the time I was having a really rough time with work and the time spend with my family. I attend the Journey of Profound Healing course and found it really strange, she teaches people to go “back to the womb to darkness” and to eradicate any life dreams, identity, authenticity and ego; essentially, to erase themselves. At times she would tell me I should leave my family and be happy, to escape from my troubles and simply walk away as she did with her family years ago. She would say “Give it a try what could you loose the world is full of options, take the one you want”. She would make you question your own intuition. Needless to say I did not need her advise at all. I also felt all the work that was really being done was more from the people in the class then from Sai Maa.

Soon after taking the Journey the student friend told me I had to do more with Sai Maa which included Sava which is donating your time and working for free for Sai Maa and doing what ever Sai Maa wanted. Some of her student would travel to Canada and Japan around the globe just for her. That day the student so proudly admitted to me about doing Sava for Sai Maa a while back, it took place in a hotel and Sai Maa was taking a shower. She was folding Sai Maa’s clothing and was called on by Sai Maa while in the shower and there was steam everywhere in the shower, Sai Maa asked her to extend arm and give her her hand, when she did Sai Maa grabbed her hand and placed it on her breast and asked her “What do you feel, is this the Breast of a 20 year old or a 57 year old” She responded “a 20 year”. She told me at first she was shocked but then realized what an amazing moment that she shared this intimate moment with Sai Maa and that in fact she was amazed that her breast felt like that of a 20 year old. She told me this with a face I will never forget with eyes wide open of total adoration and joy! At that point I knew this organization stank of something really funky. The brainwashing technique, is very destructive at Sai Maa camp (especially on young impressionable minds) these students actually believe Sai Maa has mystical powers and that she somehow is ageless, well considering all the obvious plastic surgery she has gotten from all the money she has ripped off and extorted from thousands of people I’d say she that might be possible, but not for long. After spending some time with her students and Sava I could see how she uses her students to make herself money, and destroy other people’s relationships and lives.

There are also stories of mediation taking place with her students and some of the elder members where a lot of touching was involved right in the presence of Sai Maa who openly allowed this and claimed it was a way of opening the soul and being totally free from all the baggage in the world. Sai Maa is also a huge fan of Sai Baba the rapist and sexual predator, who has criminal sexual assaults charges who raped young boys and girls. Before you decide to join Sai Maa, Google Sai Baa and take note of all the photos surrounding her wherever she goes and even the photos in the homes of her devotee students.

Many of the ex-followers of Sai Maa know this is a Cult Organization and that she is a guru predator that brainwashes and exploits people without worry of any legal repercussions. The hard evidence is there but they need to talk about there experiences, speak up, expose and prevent more future victims of Sai Maa’s massive self-serving manipulative and abusive behavior. It’s a cult, it really is.

This photo say it all…with Sai Baba right next to her.

Sai Maa Cult Photos, Im told soon they will be pulling this site down so look at it now

Thank you


Comment from Robert Priddy:

Sai Maa is surely the one in Wikipedia ( It is almost certain that she is the same one  who wrote a book in which she claimed to be the true spiritual mother of Sai Baba or that kind of thing. Sai Baba instructed his editor Narasimhan to write a denunciation of her and what she claimed. You can see this at

Obviously another fraud and a self-server (massive donations taken under false pretences).