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Date: Sat December 06 02:40:35 2008
Former Devotees

We are back to say that after we made the entry into the guestbook there was a very strong sense of Sai Baba's presence around us even though we are in an internet office environment. I was the one who entered the comments about our experience on your website being  physically sodomized out of no where. It is very frightening. Sai Baba's evil... seems very confident and arrogant. What is this evil ? Why?
We have the right to speak out about this evil. Silence is NOT our choice... in spite of Sai Baba's need to attack us for telling.

Ex- Sai Baba Devotee

Date: Sat December 06 02:08:42 2008
Former Devotees

We are very concerned about Barack Obama having a photograph of Sai Baba near him or anywhere near his family. We had pictures of Sai Baba in our home that we bought in Puttaparthi Village and also bought from devotees on the ashram. Our home has been thick with dense   feelings of possession... of evil. Sometimes there is  the smell of smoke as if there is fire... and sometimes there is the smell of sulfur as well as the smell of something that has died that is decaying. The smell can be there for one minute and then disappear and appear somewhere else. Flies appear from out of thin air and if you swat them another one will appear in its place. After removing the pictures of Sai Baba we tried having a home blessing. We tried everything and the miserable feeling of dense evil persists.
We are very afraid to have people over for a meal especially friends with children. One child visited with his family and was hospitalized soon after with disturbing symptoms of something invading his mind. He was a very beautiful, cared for and talented child.
This led to hardship for the family with medical expenses and great sadness. The parents were not devotees.

Sai Baba's photograph seems to be an open passageway for his vicious, evil, destructive energy. To think we were to pray to it .
We think of  the many times we handed small pieces of paper to him during darshan in Puttaparthi and Bangalore with out concerns and worries. This is a terrible betrayal. We are under some sort malicious spiritual attack for no reason. It is so obscene and evil.  
We are very worried and afraid for Barack Obama and fear his having on his person or near him or near his family the picture of Sai Baba will bring a calamity... will bring terrible evil and sadness to him and his family. As someone said in another comment... Sai Baba is a very evil and jealous man. Hurting a child means nothing to him. I have a recollection from an anti Baba website that he told a child he sexually abused that the child would have an accident if the child told anyone. These are the words of a fiend. Barack Obama should not be under Sai Baba's negative, heavy influence. How sad for us all.

We remember Sai Baba saying that he attaches himself to his devotees. We remember his saying he was in your heart and even asked us to go so far as to setting a place for dinner for him or imagine him in an airplane seat next to you. He has even said he comes to people in their dreams. We have even had dreams of him... several that were terrifying. He is a masquerade when he says he is love or truth... we think to fool us into thinking he is good so that we will let him into our lives... and then he tries to destroy us. It is as if since Sai Baba we have lost our dreams of the future. It is as if everything has collapsed and gone very, very negative as if something has us in a vice grip. Some times at night we are awakened with a since of being forced up out of our sleep and when we awake there is this mocking, malevolent presence trying to attach to us and force us into despair trying to get it off of us. The presence has a sense of pressure, malevolence and depravity. We are sometimes afraid to use the bathroom because it tries to attack us in that room also. Things of personal value move around in our home and appear and disappear. Some things never come back. Checks have disappeared this way. Important family photos have disappeared this way and never returned. We try to put things in safe places and they still disappear. This are always things we need or cherish.

You can feel its evil presence and it enjoys your frantic search for the missing item and will even attack you for not being to find the item fast enough knowing that it has stolen from you. We heard of another person also having this problem.

Light bulbs burn out with a loud pop and a bright flash.

We understand from an Indian acquaintance who avoided Sai Baba that Sai Baba loves to torment and torture his devotees. This was a shock to us... now we understand. Sometimes we hear a male voice saying it hates us because we want peace and prosperity and that we are good and helpful people. It will also threaten us saying it will not stop attacking us unless we obey it. One of the things it asks is that we never tell anyone about this. Why would anyone obey a fiend. (One should always be careful with anyone who even asks for obedience. Why do they need that power.) Is it power itself over others that drives him and "stimulates" him.
It seems when we hear this fiendish voice, it needs to mock human feelings as if our suffering is some sort of funny matter... but it fears our feelings because it seems so desperate to stop them. An earlier post from the administration said that Sai Baba is demonic. We very much believe he is and are very afraid for Barack Obama and his family. Sai Baba's evil  seems to try to stick to us like a fly to a  sticky, sweet paper.

Submitted by former devotees

Date: Wed November 26 22:44:52 2008
Rotesto Flick

Hello Rotesto Flick,

We all must do something to stop this crazy propaganda and silly news about Obama. Obama should and must know that Sai is demon. Here is link to this article. You must use internet explorer to open this link, in mozzila or opera it is not working.

Date: Tue November 25 23:45:31 2008
Rotesto Flick

Why should Obama be plagued with Sai Baba devotees. This is outrageous attaching themselves to Obama. Please read all of the sections of if you do not understand how serious this is. Be sure to read letters, especially the letters from Nagel and Premanand (about what goes on in Sai Baba's "educational" institutions) which are near the top of letters section. Be sure to read witness section, findings, the links section and the guest book. This is a very serious matter.

How can the Sai Baba cult addicted fanatics drag President- elect Obama down  by association with Sai Baba and the murders, suicides ( even in his schools), pedophilia, mysterious deaths and unfortunate people who simply disappeared. Why bring Obama down into vicious Sai Baba's terrible reputation. President-elect Obama is so respected. Perhaps Sai Baba's evil essence/ spirit is jealous and wants to smear Obama with Sai Baba's own vile reputation...pulling him down with him by using as he always said his devotees as his "instruments" as they proudly shove a picture of Sai Baba into his hands and pose with President-elect Obama so that they can spread the picture around to sweeten up Sai Baba's sinking reputation.

Ex-devotees....please... we... must all warn President -elect Obama.... Sai Baba is dangerous.

Look on the web and google and Click on blog or "your story" or "contact" and warn them. A temporary address which may forward mail is Senator Obama's Office, 230 Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois 60604.

Sai Baba is dangerous. Obama must be warned.

Date: Mon November 24 23:14:45 2008






Date: Sat November 22 21:11:24 2008

Lord Help!! Please read this!!

" I just want to share the good news that Swami is with Obama. When Obama Came to Pittsburgh in Sept unannounced for a private meeting with host Committee in Pittsburgh, we were invited as a part of the host committee Team. We had an opportunity to speak to him personally for few minutes. I gave him Sai Baba's picture, he took it and looked at it intensely and Asked 'who is this'? I told him HE is my spiritual guru and am Giving you for your guidance, good luck and protection. He put the Picture in the pocket of his coat and told me he will always keep it. Few hours later, my husband got a call from Obama's campaign manager And security people as to what was that picture about because Obama kept That picture in his wallet. My husband explained to them that the Picture is our spiritual master and we gave him for his good luck, Guidance and safety. They were ok with that response.

Few days ago, my husband was invited for Obama Victory celebration and the Same campaign manager said Dr. Sharma your guru's picture has worked.

Enjoy these four pictures.

Swami is with Obama and guiding him every step of the way. It augurs Well for the whole mankind.

Anita Sharma


Dear Vivek,

Let me send you two pictures of Obama's private meeting with host committee in Pittsburgh, when Obama took a photo of Swami. As he asked about "who is this?"  the lady (Anita Sharma) said "HE is my spiritual guru and am giving you for your guidance, good luck and protection." Obama put the picture in the pocket of his coat and said he will always keep it. Few hours later, the lady's husband husband, Dr. Sharma, got a call from Obama's  campaign manager and security people as to what was that picture about because Obama kept that picture in his wallet. Dr. Sharma explained to them that the picture is our spiritual master and we gave him for his good luck, guidance and safety. They were ok with that response.

Few days ago, Dr. Sharma, was invited for Obama Victory celebration and same campaign manager said Dr. Sharma, your guru's picture has worked. Obama has expressed his desire to come and visit Prashanti Nilayam and meet 'The Sadguru'. :)

Om Sai Ram

Marlies M



This is so crazy that people from Sai Baba already told everyone that Sai Baba is with Obama! Please do something to stop this!

Date: Wed November 12 03:11:15 2008
Sean G. Stanton

Why does Sairadio never protest the pedophilia of Sai Baba. Why is Sairadio so enraged by the recent post by a person named Missy. The Indian Skeptic published in India with readers around the world  a cover photograph on their magazine showing Sai Baba holding hands with the violent former dictator of Uganda Idi Amin. [NOTE by ExBaba admin: The photo is a constructed image to illustrate  the closeness that did exist between Sathya Sai Baba and Idi Amin  (reported by Dr. G. Venkataraman on RadioSai] Everyone knows Idi Amin was known for his  mass killings, extreme human rights abuses, the destruction of the Ugandan economy, and was even thought to be a cannibal.

He is known for the expulsion of Asians from Uganda. He was known to "love wealth more than human life" and terrorized his people. He was called the " Butcher of Uganda." Is this Sai Baba's idea of his own words " Love all Serve All Help Ever Hurt Never." ?
The post that the Sairadio wants to have removed is not to far fetched considering who some of Sai Baba's friends may be.

How many children and adults has Sai Baba abused himself ?
My family know of a child who was abused as well as a young person who went to see Sai Baba and simply disappeared. We also know of someone who was cremated on the ashram after a suspicious death there and when  people tried to find out about the death they were told it never happened.

Is this Sai Baba's idea of " Truth" or is this his idea of " Love" ?

Date: Thu November 06 08:18:42 2008
ex devotee

sai org start defend, look what they wrote.. again same lies..

Update 11-07-08

Radiosai rushed to remove the contents of this link today, obviously feeling that there was no ground for such a shameful document being addressed to us.

Date: Wed November 05 00:39:31 2008
Missy Rich- Masson

I was a Sai Baba devotee a long time ago and noticed that I never attempted to vote when I a was devotee. I spent some time in India and I remember Sai Baba saying we were not to be involved in the things of the world. For many years there has been the feeling or sense of a very evil spirit around our house every since we went to India. We have had our house cleaned spiritually many times. It is puzzling that the old sense of good that we used to feel is gone. What surprised us this year with wanting to vote in the election we woke up and there was this intense feeling of a mean presence and I was feeling like my energy was being drained away and I was in pain. I heard a voice demanding that I vote for the candidate that was the most militaristic... the one with the woman running mate. There also was a feeling of sadistic violence... almost lewd in feeling. I was very afraid and I refused to not vote for who I wanted to elect. The voice would say that the pain would stop ! only if I said " glory to Sai Baba." and voted as it directed. I wondered if there were others  who had experienced this. The feeling was terrible. WE SENSE THERE HAS BEEN AN ATTEMPT OF SAI BABA TO CONTROL OUR LIVES... AND DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT  IT IS HE IS. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT POWER LIKE THIS OVER OTHERS. WHAT ABOUT HIS NEED TO CONTROL THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

Date: Fri October 24 06:30:17 2008
T. Chance

I am very grateful that I may express my experience in a letter on this website. I loved God very much and wanted to be the best person possible. I was very happy that I could come to India to see an avatar and was lured into believing that Sai Baba was genuine by the book the Holy Man and the Psychiatrist. When I arrived in Puttaparthi I thought the main temple was very beautiful and felt  a sense of peace. Things turned terribly wrong. After I touched his feet, I started getting invasive body sensations and would sense an evil presence in the bathroom on the ashram. I was not young and had never sensed such evil. As time passed and I returned home there were hideous presences forcing me out of sleep. I have felt burns and stings in my privates. I have felt bites and punches. I hardly slept for months. There was the feeling that something was trying to crush my head and I started to hear evil voices attacking me and calling me terrible names. ( If I tried to send e-mails to any one concerning this experience as a result of going to Sai Baba the e-mails would not go through. I asked friends to send them on their computers and the e-mails were also blocked as well. I also found there were a lot of odd electronic problems and people were no longer getting my voice mail messages and often did not get my e-mails messages. It was cutting me off from every one and I had to stop it from isolating me. Now friends call up and check on me and my family to be certain that we are OK. They are afraid for us.) I am not an evil person and it repeatedly would say it was attacking me because I want to help people and do humanitarian work. One evening I was in front of the bathroom mirror, the mirror over the sink and all of a sudden I felt the almost physical presence of Sai Baba standing behind me and grabbing me by the neck and I felt a physically painful sensation of being sodomized. I hear voices constantly threatening to do terrible things to me and my family and friends if I tell anyone what is happening to me. I have sought help and have been told by some of the professionals that I needed to see an exorcist. (I have tried medication to try to stop his but for me it makes it very bad to the point of a  nightmare.) When I went to Sai Baba I did not know that he was a pedophile and I did not find out until after I left. Sometimes a male voice verbally berates me for not accepting pedophilia and rape as acceptable and says that good people are the bad people and not the other way around. When I look around me at my friends there is no one like this in my life. The highest human laws say that rape and pedophilia are wrong. Jails are built for people who commit crimes. This evil presence feels good people are the ones who should be punished, tortured. It becomes very violent in its attack of me if I am around children and young people and very violent around any form of educational material or experience. (Before coming to this place to put this in the computer it tried to knock me down and was very strongly sodomizing me on the way here.)

I submit this as a warning to those who feel that Sai Baba is good. I feel he is one of the most malevolent people I have ever been around. I have tried to research this experience by reading reports by paranormal investigators. Apparently religion seems to be a pathway for these kinds of evil entities. During my ordeal I have never sensed God or an angel unless it was to mock and make pretend it was one.

I will never return to India. (A book that  may explain this I heard about on a website called It is a book called the Gods of Eden by a person named Bramely. It seemed to explain why Sai Baba is an imposter, because  there is nothing there, but imposters or worse.)  I found the book on and it is very cheap. I have also tried the suggestions made in a recent book by an anti-cult expert S. Hassan (, but this evil thing becomes even more violent when I try to use the suggestions to get away from it. It also becomes very violent if I try to read other helpful  books or any form of book.

These terrible paranormal experiences happen now anywhere that I go and it basically says it wants to drive me off of the planet... I guess because I am a witness to what Sai Baba is and it wants me and others like me as evidence to be gone. I have heard of others and worry often about those who have committed suicide after going to see him or have become disabled. I understand there are fanatics who beat people who speak out. This is an unfortunate admission of guilt as is this constant demand by this evil being that I commit suicide and destroy any trace of my existence.

Date: Wed October 22 00:13:52 2008
Robert Favour

Ever since I have been openly critical on Sai Baba I had to deal with strange adverse forces which I and some clairvoyants mostly attributed to Sai Baba. People that think he is so great: I would say: wait, till you can see his sexual abuse, his fake materialisations, his false play in your mind. Sai Baba is in fact evil, a very dependent, negative being. Do not let this 'love prophet' sudbdue your life with 'special experiences.' These experiences hollow you out on the long run, lead you nowhere, but into his tentacles. Wake up, you can think: no grown-up soul would do what he does. If I look at his behaviour, it makes me believe his paranormal abilities have been stolen, do not belong to him. A real good higher being would never do what he does. In fact psychics told me he has stolen many aspects of many special people around him. Look at the blindness of his followers (I have been like that too). His has a vast interest in maintaining his position as the admired avatar, in the 'wonder' fabric of Puttaparthi. As a lower, dishonest soul he needs control and that makes him dangerous. You might be his next victim. On my website I have had reactions from all over the world from people with fear for Sai Baba, with feelings he was busy with a private war against them, deluding their minds. He preaches love and truth and does completely the opposite. Do not think there is a deeper meaning to his malicious manipulation. There is not, stay away from this fool. As psychologist, as being terrorized by Sai Baba, as an honest person, my best advice is: do not get intimidated by numbers of people around him, or stories. Look for your deepest truth and notice your contradictory feelings about him. Somewhere you know something is not okay. For you I hope you then can really wake up to the fact that Say Baba is a dangerous fraud; better not to go there.

Robert Favour

Date: Fri October 10 00.03:41 2008


The suggestion that Sai Baba may be in the throws of a pre-Parkinson's disease is interesting. See the following-

Can Personality Type Predict If Someone Will Get Parkinson's Disease?
By Staff Research
There are a few different studies that explore the question: What type of personality do people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease tend to have? The assumption is that identifying people with a "pre-Parkinson's personality" may help the medical community diagnose and treat those people earlier on.

Two researchers at the University of Cambridge created a list of the personality attributes, after pouring through studies of "pre-Parkinson's personalities." Their findings were published in our favorite source for istinguished Parkinson's disease information, the journal Movement  Disorders. There were four good studies that concluded that people who are more likely to be "pre-Parkinson's" are " . . . more rigid, introverted, nervous, and cautious." There are also some studies of lower quality that concluded that people on the path to developing Parkinson's disease may also be gloomy, worriers, rigid, unassuming, conventional, unsociable, taciturn, quiet, serious, self-controlled, and inhibited. The studies assert that the people avoid new experiences and the risk of harm; and, that they are reward-dependent, depressed, hypochondriac, and hysterical. One concluded that only female introverts were "pre-Parkinson's".
An individual's odds of developing Parkinson's disease are less than one percent. So, even if a person matches those characteristics, the odds of developing the disease are still small. This information is still premature.

Date: Tue September 30 12:25:52 2008
sai evil face

Look at this movie, there you can see a real sai baba evil face, this movie is so good. I'm in shock!

Date: Mon September 29 04:27:44 2008
ex devotee

Ha ha great song about baba, " if you are not my devotee you will got shot a head! I'm magic man and I'm Baba repeat Baba, Baba" ha ha

Date: Mon September 29 12:47:31 2008

Look at this face! This photo I taken from sai official page!
He looks like real demon...

And you can imagine that for  millions devotees this face is divine?!

Comment from Ex Baba webmaster:

This is an incorrect picture, someone has altered it, the original is:

Date: Thu September 19 03:22:55 2008

How close they are, Baba and his lover boys (devotees), aren't they... eh... cute or what ? But to be serious, can you image how hard it is for him to not sexually abuse them? That would make him a real God, but we all now about the hard and painful truth...

Date: Thu September 18 03:53:21 2008

I think this is the best movie with sai and is clearly see how is cheating!!

more movies here

Date: Thu September 18 01:12:42 2008

Great video with baba when he is cheating and great song! You have to see it ;)

Date: Thu September 11 10:52:51 2008
Exbaba devotee

Now in India during monsoon time people died and they have no place to live and sleep and baba has BMW, Mercedes, good home etc.
See at these pics from this week.


And look at this Sai Baba pic!!

Date: Tue August 19 02:14:28 2008


Looks at these pic's below! On the first one Sai Baba gave "gift" to one boys and this looks like blowjob!


But when he gave "gift" to girls he keep distance!!

Date: Tue August 19 02:02:31 2008

Sai Baba needs 7 bodyguards! this is so silly, if he is god why he needs so many bodyguards!?
look on this pic below to see 7 bodyguards of demon .

Date: Tue August 12 03:24:21 2008
Alison Conroy

"O concourse of divines! Ye shall not henceforward behold yourselves possessed of any power, inasmuh as We have seized it from you, and destined it for such as have believed in God, the One, the All-Powerful, the Almighty, the Unconstrained." To these leaders who "esteem themselves the best of all creatures and have been regarded as the vilest by Him Who is the Truth," who, "occupy the seats of knowledge and learning, and who have named ignorance knowledge, and oppression justice," and who, "worship no god but their own desire, who bear allegiance to naught but gold, who are wrapt in the densest veils of learning, and who, enmeshed by its obscurities, are lost in the wilds of error"

Date: Sun August 03 05:59:44 2008
Don Wredford

With reference to sai baba of bangalore and I stayed there for 3 months, deeply perplexed by this experience as it was an anathemas to me that eventually became resolved many years later when I saw a manifestation of his jewelery and as I had been a professional artist for some years and I thought what crap, the final nail when I saw a article in the AGE on him and and paedophilia, then it all became clear, it is with great misfortune that I have at last got it after so long, and now time is so limited but he was just another brick in the wall, as that is my belief on the spiritual and World scene that exists as I write today, Don Wredford.

Date: Tue July 31 09:40:15 2008
Sai Hair

This is is a very good pic of sai. please have a look on his DIVINE HAIR!

and one more !

Date: Tue July 29 11:59:42 2008

And there are even more special items to watch on youtube:



YouTube - sai baba cheat all followers

YouTube - Sai Baba Deceiving the Gullible

YouTube - Sai Baba Trick

Date: Tue July 26 00:41:53 2008

This is so good !

Date: Tue July 22 08:41:32 2008

Only for people who understand Hindi; watch these movies from Dr. Acharya Shree Yogeesh:

Date: Mon July 06 11:21:32 2008

This "sathya" saibaba nonsense has to be stopped before he destroys more lives.

Date: Mon June 30 06:14:41 2008
In Memory (Please put behind the mail address yourself, otherwise robots may spam Kristina.)

Hi everyone,

RISE International is planning a worldwide memorial day on August 10, 2008 to commemorate the deaths of children and adults born and/or raised in cults. RISE International and Safe Passage Foundation are working together to organize this event, which will be held in London (UK) Huntington Beach (California, USA)  and Gulu (Uganda).

Date: Tue June 29 02:53:32 2008

All is God. World is shame. See on all as on God and you have a rest.

Date: Tue June 29 02:11:25 2008


Avatar knows everything, did he?
Taken from June 28th 4:30 pm - Sita Rama Kalyanam continues in Prasanthi Nilayam:

"Swami saw that one of the students was clicking photos prolifically. He asked him as to there was film in the camera. The student, on his knees, cheekily pulled out the memory chip from the camera, showed it to Swami and said, "No film Swami!"

If he doesn't know that since 1999 cameras has it chips, so what about whole world? Avatar should know everything .

Date: Tue June 27 06:10:52 2008


I notice that in sai ashram is The Ramayana Sapthaha Yagnam, this mean that every day some person read one chapter from Ramayana to sai baba. And I know that when person is close to death they read to them holy scripts like Ramayana, Veda, Bhagavatgita etc. I think sai is very close to death.

Date: Tue June 24 04:39:41 2008


I wanna share with you some stupid story what I ever heard! Sai movement  in Poland try to do everything to show Sai "miracles" and they work very hard to proof that sai is god . Few days ago on one of sai devotees page I find this pic (click on this link  below to see pic)

and they wrote under this pic that - "This is big miracle photo because behind swami is Shirdi Sai Baba. Photo was takes during darshan in 1988"

But each person know that this is not miracle photo! Only this is pic of statute from museum in Puthaparthi! Sai people try to do everything to Get more devotees! So shame..

Date: Sat June 21 12:45:31 2008

And God's time s now for that show his glory to mankind eyes and pour down the Holy Spirit in us all with big miracles and wonders and you may give all that win the sinners heart to him? Pay too for your the city's salvation, thanks and less and hope, Keijo, Sweden.

Date: Sat June 14 10:15:41 2008

E-mail sent out to numerous contacts within the 'Sai Family' by Datuk K. Jegathesan

This shows how confused and distraught a top VIP of Baba's is.

Still believes in "Swami's Divine Protection" of his bhaktas, despite his son's suicide and he wife's earlier death in her home in Malaysia (in 1996 while he was visiting Prashanti Nilayam).

The Passing on of Jaganaatha Sai s/o Jegathesan. Malaysia. (2004)


My Dear Sai Family,


It is with totally uncalled tears in my eyes and heart (for Bhagavan Baba has said that “under no circumstances should we cry), that I am conveying to all those who have worked with me for so many years in the leadership of the International Sai Organisation, about the passing away of my youngest son, in very hurting and sad tragic circumstances.

He was born on March 6th 1981 and Bhagavan Baba, in an interview I had with him, lovingly gave the name “Jaganaatha Sai”. Subsequently my son has had the grace of a number of personal contacts with Bhagavan, the latest being in Nov. 1996 when the family met Bhagavan about two weeks after the passing away of my dear wife Shanti.

At that time Jegan (as he was lovingly called by all) was about 16 years old. He was the pet of the family, tall, fair and good looking and was a special pet of his late mother.

The passing away of Shanti, in extraordinary and sudden circumstances had great impact on all, but especially our youngest child.

He went into a mild depression, and seemed to recover and performed well in his studies and at the age of 21 had graduated in IT and started working.

But in between all this, it was about a year ago that his depression began to manifest.

One day he became totally irrational, and began to find faults with me and members of the family and even his office staff and close friends. I myself only realized that something was seriously wrong when he accused me of interfering with his office and speaking to his boss against his work. This stunned me and that was when we decided that he needed psychiatric help.


He was referred for medical treatment at the psychiatric ward of the Malaysian University hospital. He was there for 13 days.

He was diagnosed as suffering from stress induced paranoid schizophrenia. He came out of that, and to give him a new environment, he went to Australia to further his studies (for an MBA), but returned within 2 months saying that was not for him.

His old company gladly took him back. He was in the meantime being treated for his psychological problems and was on regular medication.

Even before his 23rd Birthday (6th March), he was promoted to Supervisor and when i spoke to his manager about 2 weeks before his passing away, when he was admitted to hospital, he described Jegan as “brilliant” and someone with a great future in the company.

On his return from Australia he decided to stay away from home, but would visit regularly and join for family events. About three weeks ago he called me at about 2.30 a.m. and said “Papa, I would like to come back home, as I need my family to cope with the stress”. I welcomed him back and he came back that very morning, and settled in nicely.

About two weeks ago (on Thursday 12th Feb.) his elder sisters returned home in the late evening and saw him lying on the couch in the Living room, after he had gone jogging, (possibly for the first time in months). He did not respond to our call to “wake up and go to bed”.

However thinking it was just exhaustion combined with the drugs that had been prescribed for him, we let him sleep on the couch for the night. Next morning when I went to work he was still sleeping.

It was only at about 11am when my daughter called and said that he was still sleeping and they could not wake him up, that we decided to rush him to hospital. There he lay in virtual coma and under drips for 3 days and than he came out of the “sleep”.

The first day after the “awakening” he was totally irrational, but the next day he telephones me from the hospital, and talks as though nothing had happened.

When asked what had happened he told the doctors and us that he could not cope with his new promotion and “wanted to end it all”. He claimed that after his promotion he had only “about an hour sleep every night”. He had taken an overdose of pills after he had finished jogging, because he “just wanted to sleep”.

Now he himself laughed at the incident and told me “Papa, this will never happen again. This is a new Jaganaatha Sai”.

Anyway he was in hospital for about 10 days.

My meetings with the psychiatrists who were treating him assured me that he was recovering well and he was put under new medication.

He became a hero of soughts in the Ward, when he helped prevent another patient from trying to commit suicide or hurt himself by trying to cut his wrist with the sharp end of a paper clip.

On Thursday 26th Feb. the doctors said he could return home, but not before he was asked by the staff to be the master of ceremony of a party that the staff had put up for all, in conjunction with some holiday event. He even won a prize.


I took him home and that night there was a big family outing, dinner etc with his cousins and he was perfect.

On Friday 27th Feb., he came into my bedroom early and joined me in my morning prayers. This was for me a very extraordinary session.

He was so good that I showed him how I cleaned the prayer altar every morning so that in case he wanted to help, he could clean it in future.

Than he joined me in the garden and I showed him how I plucked Thulsi leaves and flower for prayers. I also showed him (and he did likewise) how I chewed Thulsi and Margosa leaves every morning as this was very healthy.

Than we prayed together and he sang a bhajan to Lord Subramaniam.

He than did LINGA ABISHEGAM on the Shivalingam that Baba had materialsed for me with instructions to offer the abishig water to sick people. He drank that water.

He also did abisheg on another lingam that had been gifted to him by some elders with 27 invocations of “Om Nama Shivaaya, Om Sai Ram”, the mantra that Bhagavan Baba had asked me to use when I did the Abishegam on the materaised Shivalingam.

Than he took Padanamaskaar from me and I placed Vhibuthi on his forehead and hugged and kissed his cheeks, assuring him of my Love.

When I left for office, he went over to my Aunts house in front of our home and joined his aunts (my cousins) who had come visiting from Overseas. In fact, they had told me to send him over for he should not be alone at home.

They than took him for Friday prayers to the Ganesha Temple where he participated fully and happily and with great devotion. They came back home for lunch and it was a very happy family gathering.

At 3.30 pm he told his aunts that he would like to go for a walk and he was so perfect that they thought nothing of it, but asked him to be back by 4.30 pm, as they did not want him out alone for so long. He insisted on the walk so they asked him to make it short.

At 5.00 pm he had not returned and they became concerned.

At about 5.30 p.m., I was still in the office with some meeting, when I receive a call from my daughter.

My son had at about 4.10p.m. (at best time estimates would have it from those who heard the impact), had jumped off a tall building less than half a mile away from my home and had died. He had taken his own life!


Why he would do this when there was no stress (at least as others perceived it), when he had enjoyed, for all intents, a perfect and happy day, only God will know.


There is a strange irony to these events which has been noted by many people.

On Tuesday 24th Feb at the weekly Bungsar Sai Centre Bhajan, I read out excerpts from Baba’s 2003 Christmas message. When I read that message I was doing it to comfort and give courage to some others in the Centre who had suffered some family tragedies.


This was what I read out:


“Whatever man experiences is the creation of the mind. Due to the illusion created by the mind, he establishes relationships and starts saying, my father, my mother, my wife, my children, etc. This illusion is the ultimate cause of his suffering. When man develops pure and unsullied love, he will not experience pain or suffering. Love for the physical body is false and transitory…


…Pleasure and pain are of your own making. They are not given by God. You are the cause of your suffering, none else…


…Worldly LOVE is transient; it cannot be called love at all. True love is immortal. You should cultivate such love. Physical body grows and decays.

How can you consider it to be real? In fact, nothing in this world is real.

Body attachment is the cause of delusion. Hence, gradually reduce your body attachment. This is the most important Sadhana you have to undertake.


…What is the use if you get drowned in delusion more and more with the advancement of age? Do not develop undue attachment to be body and material possessions.


Under any circumstances, do not shed tears of sorrow. You will be free from sorrow when you give up body attachment.”


Little did I realize that my Divine Father was preparing me for the events that would confront me on Friday 27th Feb. 04.


Bhagavan had said that we should never cry under any circumstances. I always try to uphold as best as i can all what Bhagavan says.

At the mortuary I maintained HIS instructions and gave comfort to the others who were crying.

But on Sat.28th during the funeral at home and at the crematorium I shamed the Avathar and myself by crying uncontrollably.

The only comfort that I could draw from the breach of this divine directive was the thought (as equally when I cried uncontrollably when my dear wife passed on), was the thought that “Rama cried when Sita was captured. Rama cried when Lakshmana was wounded in battle. Arjuna cried when his son was killed in battle”…so who am I, an ordinary aspirant of Divine devotion, not to cry. I cried but also resolved that I will continue to fulfill my Dharma and continue to contribute in my own small way to the work of the DIVINE MISSION OF THE AVATHAR. Please forgive me for taking your time with this long message.


Even as I write this I realize that this is one way I am psychologically consoling myself and trying to, by putting this narrative on paper, taking it from the frightening recording machine in my mind that seems to be constantly repeating the events of the last few days. Perhaps now the recording machine will stop, especially when I try to sleep.

To my Beloved Bhagavan and the leaders of the Prashanti council and all the leaders who make up the leadership of the International Sai Seva Organization, I give my assurance that the tragic events that has beset my life (my mother as you all know passed away on the 29th Nov. 03, the day I left Prashanti Nilayam for home... creating almost an identical situation as when my wife passed on, as I was returning from Prashanti in Nov. 1996) will in no way diminish my resolve to serve in the Divine Mission.

I am aware that some in Malaysia and elsewhere, knowing half truths and listening to rumors will judge me harshly for “losing a son” like this, when I have tried to motivate to the highest ideals thousands of Youth round the world to be ideal sons and daughters. If that happens than that is my fate.

If even the Avatar is judged harshly, by those who wish to judge and find faults, who am I to be spared this calumny.


In respect of the work of the Sai Organisation, if the Prashanti Council leadership wishes that I serve, as I have done in the past (and as I had indicated to brother Goldstien in Prashanti in Nov 03), I will do so.

Whatever happens, I will continue to serve in HIS Divine Mission in any small way I can in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world where people feel I can contribute to the Divine Mission of reviving Dharma.

Once again please forgive me for the length of this note and the details I have chosen to include.

Another reason, other than the personal psychological one, is that I do not want rumours to spread as they surely will. Some of you may be aware that the anti Sai forces used the passing away of my wife as part of their campaign, saying that she had committed suicide etc.

Though they were wrong that time, this time it will be true, but at least by making this incident transparent, hopefully it will forestall any other version.

I apologies to Bhagavan and all Sai Devotees and to the Sai Leadership if the anti Sai uses this as another tool in their vicious campaign.


With Love in my Heart to all! 


Yours in SAI    Jega


Date: Thu June 05 10:15:41 2008


Thank you all for your courage and clarity

The bold obvious lies and deceit are not as dangerous as our gullibility

I was never attracted to Sai Baba ever despite the fad and the celebrity endorsement.
It is that small voice in our selves that think that possibly we are on the outside of and insider's club I have seen it repeatedly in every single organization.

To be mutually supportive of dialog and open honest communications allows the truths to come out with NO authority.

I had recently seen the announcement that Anthony Robbins (motivational guru) had given 300 acres to the Amma group at his place in Fiji and there were some similar links to questionable
event in that group which brought me here to review what was more than challenging.

Yes indeed the question is "why would anyone bow to such obvious dark energy?"

Because humans innately want to hope that their devotion is reciprocated by a deity and when the false if obvious we can delete  it... ignore it.

But spreading the facts is always the power of networking

Thank you all for taking the time to speak out and share.


Date: Mon June 02 12:31:27 2008


Phyllis Crystal who is now a 100 year old lady said last week on the Sai big "festival" that she had an interview last year and Swami said to her "I'm 95 old years now, I will leave this world soon maybe year or two, this body is sick because I had to speed my time. Prema Sai will be born faster"

Well... but in each book Sai said that he will be here till 2012 or 2016, so now from 83 turn to 95! So sick and only Idiot can believe in this. About 600 devotees were in this Sai festival and each of them believed this story that he has 95. So crazy!

Date: Fri May 16 16:31:41 2008
Hans Wick

I've been involved too with sai baba, and also with other guru's, and now i have returned to my original faith that is Catholic. It is sad that few people pray, because with prayer to Jesus, Mary, or one of the many saints, especially the saint who evangelized India, St. Francis Xavier, you would be out of problems fast. St. Francis Xavier's body is buried in Goa, he is the patron Saint of the Holy Catholic Mission. Ask him for help. Enlightenment and avatars are all demonic fake. Satan has seduced Eve and Adam already in the Garden of Eden, seduced them to become "God-a-like". No man is God-a-like, only Jesus Christ is the Divine Son of God, and He will return at the End of time to judge the living and the dead, all men that ever lived on this Earth. "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned" (Mark 16,16). Jesus came to give His Divine Blood on the Cross to redeem mankind. There will be no other "avatar", or Incarnation of God, ever.
With the almost collapse of the Church in the sixties and the decline of Christian faith, so many charlatans and demonic "masters" are fooling and deceiving the general public, with disastrous results. They all proclaim the age of Enlightenment, the New age, the Dawn, and so on, but they are complicits of Satan, and are preparing the world for the appearance of the Anti-Christ, a man totally possessed with the Demon's mind, and even worse than Sai Baba or others we've seen so far. The only remedy is PRAYER, and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ who is your only TRUE Friend and Savior. Read the Bible, especially the Book of Apocalypse, in which the events of the End of Times are being described. And don't forget to use your plain common sense. New age masters are always appealing to our feelings, heart, "follow your heart", trust on your instincts, on your intuition, but i am saying to you to use your common sense. You are not God, you are a creature of God, a human being. Satan is an Angel and therefore he is a lot smarter and a lot more powerful than you are. You can only resist him successfully by PRAYER and COMMON SENSE. Pray the Holy Rosary, the most powerful prayer to resist any demonic influence. The Mother of God, Mary is more powerful than Satan and eventually She will crush his head, under her feet. God will purify the Earth soon because He has had enough of the misery caused by evil and sin. Start to live a plain normal life again, without any aspiration to become "Divine", Enlightenment is your mind being captured by the light of Lucifer, who was a great Angel of the Lord before his downfall.. Sure that is not what you are seeking is it? Enlightenment has nothing to do with God unity, stay away from it. Worship Jesus Only. He is Lord in Eternity, and live a humble life, God will reward you and Bless you all when you do.

Date: Tue Apr 30 22:50:36 2008


This is sick? Check this out:

and this:

India loves "avatars" !

Date: Tue Apr 30 17:15:42 2008
Robert Favour

My ultimate truth on Sai Baba is this:

He holds up his spiritual image with some dark powers of the circuit around him and with the abuse of some of his devotees, especially the gifted ones. If you always had problems matching his 'avatar side' and his paranormal gift with his so-called shadow behaviour (as though the divine gift is embedded in the wrong, low developed, mentally ill, cheap standard kind of person), here is an explanation: the paranormal gift which Sai Baba is using was never meant for him. It belonged to a close relative, who now misses his mission on earth. I have checked this with different shamans and clairvoyants, who accessed higher truths about him. I know this also from own experience. Don't say this is paranoia. I am psychologist, medium and I have checked this in many ways. It is very difficult to fight him, as he is so tricky and works in hidden realms and has collected many of these paranormal powers. Probably because I understood his tricks I have been sucked out, abused, counter-acted so often by Sai Baba that it is a miracle that I still live. Given the regular mail that I get via my website from people who became very confused after having visited him, I know I am not the only one; far from. But take this for my best truth: Sai Baba in itself is nothing, just a cheap trick. Don't go there, don't get connected in his weird tentacles. It is time these fake gurus go down and are exposed. If you have interest in this field, go to a real avatar, not Sai Baba.

Robert Favour

For more information, check my website or read the two articles from my hand which are published on this website:

Sathya Sai Baba, the guru of spiritual deceit

Experiences with Indian Avatars

Date: Mon Apr 28 08:22:21 2008

Dear Sir,

I watched all the trickery clips in the movie section. I can say that SSB is cheating. But in the video clip no. 8, it is not cleared. It looks like he is pulling & setting the cushion to right position & pointing towards something else. He is not trying to materialize something or to give something to anybody. So this video doesn't prove that he is cheating anybody like the other video clips where he is clearly cheating. So please remove the video clip no. 8 as it is not a case of clear cheating. Apart from this all other video clips prove that SSB is a fraud, though the video quality of clip no. 4 is not good & cannot be clearly ascertained.

Any reply will be welcomed.

Date: Tue Apr 21 08:29:38 2008

What I find truly upsetting is that people, like my family feel that they're spirituality etc. is a product of Sai Baba. That they're lives and everything that happens to them is a product of his doing. It sucks out the power of the individual.

I want to lead a life where I can contribute to society and an everyday life where I am kind, compassionate and humble. I don't want to be this way to please a God, for fear of retribution. In other words I will not act in a certain way due to another authority other than my own free will and choice.

This is what true empowerment is. This is what true humanity is. I just find it unfortunate that people that want to be good and 'love all and serve all' must feel the need to answer to Sai Baba.

Date: Tue Apr 05 07:21:41 2008

I now officially  created a simple poem for my 'dear' bogus BABA

baba sai baba'
Have you any magic ,
yes sir, yes sir,
one envelope full of vibhuti,
one for the devotees,
one for myself,
one for the rubbish bin which goes down the drain.

Date: Tue Apr 05 14:10:35 2008

i really tell u this guy peforms like a 'BAD' magician. THANK U TO EX BABA.COM  

Date: Tue Apr 02 01:32:24 2008
Miguel Angel Gonzalez

My thinking , after 5 days of rage and non stop reading all material published on the net, is as follow .This little man has to be paid with the same coin!!, send him to jail with a lot of males to abuse him  PAINFULLY!!! day and night!!!!, should last as many years as he is being abusing others... To bad his days are almost over !!!!
Hopefully all of us who believed  in him for many years will get peace knowing that God's justice has been done !!!

Date: Fri Apr 23 12:53:06 2008

Many pseudo-avatars have emerged in India, exploiting the blind belief of people, but this man (SSB) has exceeded all limits. Avatar-hood should be supported by scriptural testimony. There are many predictions about all the Avatars in our sacred scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam & other authentic scriptures. This has been declared much before the Avatar descends. Now what is the testimony of SSB? I still don't understand whose Avatar he is? The claims about him are quite perplexing. I cannot but laugh at the claim that he is all the deities in One. About the so called prophesies, these all are concocted, false & self created. He is a self-styled so called avatar, a WOLF IN THE DISGUISE OF LION. I wonder, how such a charlatan, cheater survived so long without punishment? Well, I can say that it happens only in India. Where one top-most personnel of the stature of prime-minister tries to conceal the severe allegations by releasing official note paper in favour of the fraud trying to save him, what can one expect? India is the most corrupted country in a survey done recently just after China. The police & investigating departments are under his clutches. When one allegation emerges, the ministers & other officials back him by releasing statements in his favour. Perhaps, India is the paradise for such so called God-men to commit crime. He cleverly uses the system. Most worst is the blind people, who accept him as GOD. Well, you people are doing great job, educating such people, but this is not sufficient, as internet is still inaccessible to most of the people of India. Electronic media like TV should be used to educate people & expose the fraud. Indian news TV channels should take responsibility to show the neutral facts as more as possible thereby exposing the fraud & forcing the Government for official investigation. May be, the time is fast coming as no evil can survive long.

Date: Mon Mrc 31 07:13:45 2008
ludovic d appadoo

For long time my family believe on sai baba, they build a temple in Mauritius for him ,but I wasn't duped .somewhere inside me, I knew they was something wrong, my mum knew as well. after all the allegations I still don't understand how he get away with it, hopefully one day!

Date: Sun Mrc 23 07:19:31 2008
priya patel

today for me is a day shrouded in doubt i come from a long line who have been faithful to shirdi baba and satya sai and never once have i questioned my beliefs, except at times when i hear and read such stories, i am a person in great turmoil how has this man evaded punishment for his deeds for so long?

Date: Fri Mrc 13 03:48:41 2008

This message was erased on request of S.M. who will make a new comment in future.

Date: Fri Mrc 13
01:05:31 2008
Ex sai :

Please check this movie on you tube! It's so funny! I just found it.
It is really great and it shows who Sai Baba really is!
He is just a Gay Avatar
Here is the link:

Date: Fri Feb 29 06:34:52 2008


Could  you  kindly tell me how this Baba produces Gods images from nowhere? With regards, Krisnamorthy.

Date: Fri Feb 24 12:21:2421 2008

Dear Sir

Greetings and Gods blessings. I salute you for your site which educates lots of people. I used to educate people against sathya sai baba from 20 yrs that he is a rogue but his devotees have cursed me that you will die soon, still now I am alive, secondly I get angry that he says he is the avatar of shirdhi baba, who was a fakir lived a simple life and without any controversies. Once again I appreciate and support you in your daring venture where India's all top most leaders and top government officials visit him; let them know about the truth of this fake swami or their black money which is guarded by baba and which may be the main reason for which they go to him, I support you fully,



Date: Fri Feb 14 13:27:21 2008

Hi... I have battled on and off over the years with my relationship with Sai Baba, and even as my confidence in my self and my world are shaky at times, I have come to an acceptance of that experience - which as for all, was very important.  Anyway, I found an interesting article which I thought may interest many on the subject of spiritual movements, which also has helped me to see the Sai movement for what it is... here is the link:

Thank you, and I do hope that Sai Baba is brought to face his own devious nature.

Take care,


Date: Fri Feb 06 03:46:42 2008


I thought you - your members - may be interested in a new project we are starting. The lost Children Memorial. The details are below. The more we work together the more chance we have to be heard.

Your sincerely,

Kristina Jones (Co-Author of 'Not Without My Sister' and Executive Director of RISEinternational

RISE International is planning a worldwide memorial day on August 10, 2008 to commemorate the deaths of children and adults born and/or raised in cults. �The Lost Children� memorial will be held to remember the many second and even third generation children born and/or raised in cults whose lives were cut short through suicide, physical/mental abuse, medical neglect, drug overdose, murder and cultic fighting groups such as the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Northern Uganda. RISE International and Safe Passage Foundation are working together to organize this event, which will be held in London, UK; San Diego, California and Gulu, Uganda.
Memorial website.

As part of this event, we are creating a virtual memorial website which will honour the memory of the Lost Children. If you have a deceased relative, friend or loved one who you would like remembered, please email us at

We will create an individual page for them on the memorial website to which you can post their information (name, biographical information, photographs, audio, video, eulogies, dedications, etc). Please note that the memorial website is currently in a preliminary development stage and to facilitate the design and development process we would like to begin gathering information and multimedia content for it as early as possible.

We plan to have live audio and video feeds of the memorial events for those that are not able to attend in person. Sometimes an ordinary life is an extraordinary accomplishment.
The Lost Children memorial day will also celebrate our achievements as survivors. A yearly Outstanding Survivor Award will be presented during the event. If you know someone who you feel deserves recognition you can nominate them on the website.

How can you help?

If you would like to help sponsor the memorial day, you can make a tax-deductible (in the United States) donation to the Safe Passage Foundation.
You may also make a donation to RISE International. However, please note that donations to RISE International are not currently tax-deductible.
If you would like to volunteer your time to help organize the event in your area or help in any other way please contact:

USA: Juliana Buhring at or Julia McNeil at

UK: Celeste Jones at or Kristina Jones at

Australia: Kylie Rain at

Uganda: Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi at

Safe Passage Foundation is a non-religious New York not-for-profit corporation that provides resources, support and advocacy for youth raised in restrictive, isolated or high-demand communities, sometimes referred to as ''cults'' by society at large.

RISE International CIC is a community interest company registered in England and Wales, Company number 6266210, that works to protect children from abuse in cults.

Date: Fri Feb 01 07:45:42 2008

I find the actions of this man deplorable.  I will be posting a link to this site on "Pagans Against Sexual, emotional & Financial Abuse" at:

(I hope that is acceptable to you - if not I will remove it.)  

Date: Fri Feb 01 06:39:21 2008
Gordon Lord

I was initially attracted to SSB because of the universal appeal of his message. And frankly, given that India is a socially divided / fragmented country with several social classes, castes and other ridiculous divisions, SSB's message and teachings of "All Are One", "Universal Language Of The Heart", "Education In Human Values" etc. seemed very appealing to me during my University years.

However, since 1995 I started hearing about allegations of sexual abuse at the ashram, rampant corruption among the rank and file of office-bearers in the International Sathya Sai Organization, lack of financial transparency such as no published financial statements etc. Fortunately, I was never inflicted by the disease of blind-belief, unlike most people I know, including my own parents, friends and relatives. (Ask any serious seeker of the meaning of life and he or she will most likely tell you that "awareness" matters more than "belief". But most SSB followers I've met in my lifetime don't care about awareness or self-understanding. They are only interested in using the crutches of "belief" all the way to their grave!)

Over the years, the allegations kept increasing and I also happened to personally meet some past students of the Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. I heard about cases of sexual abuse from the students too! And then finally, the shooting incident was the straw that broke the camel's back. Four young boys, at the prime of their lives were gunned down (a.k.a murdered in cold blood) by the police personnel that had stormed into the ashram. The local police filed a fraudulent report indicating that the cops had fired in self-defense when the 4 boys charged towards them with knives in hand. A federal investigation team proved these claims were false and charged the policemen with murder. Ask any experienced cop and he or she will tell you that the police training manual does not recommend shooting-to-kill as a response especially when the weapons of the attackers are simple tools such as knives or screwdrivers. Single shots to the leg or the thigh would have immediately incapacitated the attackers, thereby enabling their arrest and prosecution.

However, the fact that the police chose to "execute" the 4 boys rather than arrest them and produce them in a court of law, is a clear indication that they wanted to silence them forever, as dead men tell no tales!

Any decent and civilized human being who ponders over all these events that happened in Prashanti Nilayam would be utterly disgusted at the glaring discrepancy between what the ashram is claimed to be and what the ashram actually is! The word "Prashanti Nilayam" is meant to indicate an abode of eternal peace, but in reality it is the abode of "death" and disgusting brutality.

To this day, there has not been any proper investigation into the murder of the 4 young boys by the police and the perpetrators of this heinous crime are roaming free! And all this is happening in the "abode of peace".

Honestly, it does not matter what SSB is or what he isn't. The real misfortune is that millions of educated people, government officers, scientists, engineers, professors, politicians, bureaucrats, leaders, presidents and prime ministers still throng to this place in millions, even after these cold-blooded murders and disgusting events. Truly, all these "followers" are spiritually, psychologically and intellectually "dead"!

Therefore, it is beyond doubt that none of these mindless "followers" (a.k.a dead people) can help bring about a more peaceful or less chaotic world, regardless of their academic or social or technological capabilities and achievements.

Date: Mon Jan 28 08:01:42 2008

Dear comrades,

I came to know about this website through PERIYAAR DRAVIDAR KAZHAGAM"S Magazine named PURATCHI PERIYAAR MUZHAKKAM.

This website  is doing very very important job in exposing the god man SATHYA SAIBABA the fraud.

I am publishing one bi-monthly magazine in Tamil named NAALAI VIDIYUM
for the past 10 years.

I am also uploading one web blog named in this web blog i linked your website in the title to see the websites compulsorily.

Thank you so much for your service !

Date: Fri Jan 11 09:15:26 2008
Jeremy Taylor

How did anyone fall for the blandishments of a fat dude in an Afro in the first place...? The guy's a transparent fraud. The crap that people will worship and dedicate their lives to is incredible. Just promise em eternal bliss, and watch the suckers cough up the cash. Sweet.