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Date: Thu November 18, 19:26:38 2010

I visited the ashram in Puttaparthi and in exchange for using a resident's toilet I was asked to email him my account of my experience with Sai Baba. While I did have a good initial experience of Sai Baba, I have heard of others that have not. I had asked that this email be used in confidence. It was posted without my permission on the internet by Vedamu and was not withdrawn when I asked for it to be withdrawn.  There is nothing divine in that. This is a deceitful and manipulative act. I feel used by Vedamu for posting an email against my wishes. I would strongly advise any westerner visiting this ashram to be very careful about what you say, any email you send, and of your personal goods and safety while visiting Puttaparthi. An honest organization would not post an email without your consent.

Date: Sun September 19, 20:44:42 2010

Good to see such a website. Glad you're making more and more people aware of what this man is up to. However his devotees are growing in numbers and its a shame that they refuse to believe in all these videos and pictures.

Date: Mon August 16, 06:34:52 2010

My comment here is on the following comment on this Guestbook:

"Yes, all this was said about Jesus, and what happened? -  I pray for the ignorance of you all. "

Well, the answer is simply this - 'Whatever was said about Jesus' happened more than 2000 years ago & so is less relevant today, simply because then no means of reliably documenting & investigating what Jesus did or said were available to make meaningful fact-based judgment today; then No scientific methods were available to find out the Truth!

But, that is not the case now in this 20th/21st century! We have now many reliable ways & means of carrying out this Truth investigation mechanisms available to us.

Instead of using them some just jumping on to the bandwagon, in the "name of pure faith on what some charltons claim & say" only proves the profound and utter (or even deliberate?) stupidity on the part of such people.

Although I am not an atheist, however I can only say this - whatever is said about Moses, Jesus, Rama, Krishna and such 'religious personalities & figure-heads' are only (poetic/literary) hyperbolae of, probably some good-men!

Date: Mon Apr 05, 02:33:31 2010
Bas Engelbarts

Hi Everybody,
wonder when you see it. Watch his hands from the beginning. Look at the face of the man behind him after reviewing it several times. He doesn't want to know. Hear how Anil Kumar is raising his voice in fake awe. Hear how he receives the applause and see how proud he looks, after having fooled yet another vast crowd. This man is really, really very sick in his mind. Laughable, but disgusting at the same time.
Best wishes

Date: Wed Mrc 24, 06:57:19 2010

The stupid wide-eyed devotees of this trickster deserve the bullshit he gives them. If it was not this charlatan sai baba, then someone else... so why not sai baba..

Anyone with a small amount of rational thinking will see through the nonsense and will never fall for these silly gurus and their magic tricks.

Date: Wed Mrc 17 19:56:53 2010

Yes, all this was said about Jesus, and what happened?

I pray for the ignorance of you all.

Date: Tue Mrc 09 06:18:09 2010


Definitely, I will not believe in Saibaba... But if u look closely, u will percieve that all followers are some kind of bad people, raping people without conscience (that what i saw) and then creating havoc in other people lives, then calmly going to pray to the sai temple.... even same for both sexes, they dont mind betraying people and their own, lying to others etc...

And later if u look closely, these people are fasting on thursdays for sai... going to sai temples and whorshipping for some godly people they believe...

I would like to share and suggest:

Instead of going to whorship this person,
1. Choose love, have faith in yourself and the world.
2. Be compassionate towards others.
3. Live for a purpose that is greater than yourself
3. Give the world positive energies, and that will come back to u..
4. Be honest and sincere..
5. Love yourself and forgive others for there are only two possibilities: 1. love and 2nd Fear... Its up to u to choose...

Date: Tue Feb 16 12:27:33 2010
Roy Naidoo

I am a South African Indian and never believed in Sai Baba and never will. I keep telling my friends and relatives that the man they call god is a fake but you know the ardent devotees who have been brain-washed by their parents and other devotees just say that I am the fake for not believing in him. But I have seen the tragedy that he inflicts on his devotees, mothers lose their children at an early age, wives become widows pre-maturely, children lose their healthy parents, no healthy relationships in their homes, the only thought is for making money in anyway, legal or otherwise. Yet they go on praying to him, have life size photos of him in their homes etc. How can we stop the brainwashing and get people to listen to us when we say that he is the devil incarnate?